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Lacto-Fermented Mango Sauce [Food Ferments for Gut Health]

You love tomato sauce, green chilli sauce, and what not. But have you tried mango sauce? If you are yet to try making lacto fermented mango ketchup, it's high time you did because it's the best thing to do to preserve the king of fruits and enjoy its flavors even when mangoes have disappeared from the market.

The gut-immunity connection

When I decided to lacto Ferment mangoes for a probiotic punch and better gut health. When your gut health improves, your digestion gets better. So your body can better absorb nutrients from food. A well-nourished body can better fight infections. In the picture is Fermented mango sauce for gut health.

So let's learn how to lacto Ferment mangoes to make probiotic-rich mango sauce.
For this recipe, you need both ripe and raw mangoes.

I have taken 1 tiny piece of turmeric for the color (if you do not have raw turmeric, leave it), 1 raw mango and 2 ripe ones. You also need spices of choice. I have taken 1/4 tsp each of cumin (jeera), black pepper corns, 2 cloves (lavang).
Add these spices to a sterilized glass bottle.
Now sterilizing makes a glass container ideal for fermentation. I have already shared how to sterilize a jar. Next, add grated raw mango and pureed or pieces of ripe mangoes. Press hard with a spoon. Add 1/2 tsp salt. Mix 2 tbsp of curd with 1/4 cup of water to make buttermilk and pour into the bottle. You may or may not need this much amount of curd water. Try taking a bigger bottle in that case. press the contents with a spoon .
Cover the bottle loosely with a lid and keep it at room temperature. Place a bowl beneath the jar as it might spill due to hot conditions and fermentation activity.
By the way I have already shared the benefits of fermentation on your gut health. Please check my previous lacto-fermentation in India videos in this regard.
Keep for a day. By next day the contents should be floating on top. Please make sure to press down everything under the curd water every few hours. If this is not possible, then place a bay leaf to cover all contents to ensure nothing floats on top of the water. Anything that floats might catch mold and we do not want our mango sauce to go bad.
This time I chose to press down the contents every few hours with a spoon. This kept it free from mold or bad bacterial growth. THIS step will also prevent any spills.
by the second day, i had to shift all the contents to a bigger jar as it was all bubbly and spilling in a small jar. so please take a bigger jar and keep nect space so that it does not spill much. By the third day, it was all bubbly . I decided to puree the mix in a blender.
After blending, add 2 tbsp of honey (more or less depending on how sweet you want your mango sauce to be). 1/2 tsp of black salt goes in. You may do a taste test to see if this is enough or you need it to be salty.

Now we will need apple cider vinegar. I have used homemade acv. Here's some piece of good news for you all. My ACV mother is developing. If you are interested to learn how to make apple cider vinegar with mother at home, please stay tuned. I have shared the process to make natural, raw, unrefined, unfiltered acv already.
If you want to add any flavors here. Please do add to flavor your mango sauce. Mix everything well. Pour into a sterilized glass bottle and refrigerate. The lacto-fermented mango sauce will continue to intensify in flavor in the refrigerator. I love my fermented mango sauce with rice too. I am sure you too will love to enjoy your mangoes in a sauce form. I hope you are finding this lacto-fermentation series useful. If you do, please do not forget to comment on what all you have tried to lacto ferment with me. I would love to hear back. Thank you for watching. Until next time, stay safe. stay blessed. see you soon!

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