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Airfryer Roasted Peanuts Recipe for COVID 19 Recovery

Does the sight of a handful of hair coming in your hairbrush threaten you? This sight could be common for coronavirus warriors.

When it comes to hair growth, you are always looking for home remedies for hair loss. The Covid era has only stressed this need more. As more and more people are fighting coronavirus and recovering from the deadly virus, they are experiencing the worst side effects of a lifetime. Severe hair loss post-Covid is a reality and a fact nobody can deny. So if you or a loved one has also experienced this, then try to focus on the root cause of the problem. 

Coronavirus can result in hair shedding, that is, more than normal loss of hair. In medical terminology, it is actually telogen effluvium. This is primarily the result of an illness, such as fever, resulting in the loss of  more hairs into the shedding phase. 

Coronavirus is one such illness that might result in a severe loss or shedding of hair. Some coronavirus warriors start to see significant hair shedding 2-3 months after a fever or illness. It might continue for months before coming to a stop. So how do you deal with hair loss that threatens to ruin your personality?

Include more protein in your diet. 

Peanuts belong to the legume category but because of its oil content, it is mistaken as a nut. Did you know that? Peanuts for hair growth are a magic ingredient that you must include in your diet. All these years, I had been trying to avoid peanuts or groundnuts because too much can raise your bad cholesterol levels. But hey, I forgot I eat everything in moderation. 

When you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet and watch what goes in, peanuts are a miracle protein ingredient for hair growth, which is packed with 20 amino acids. So is this not enough to include them in your healthy diet? 

A Little Bit of Peanut History

Ideally, peanuts or groundnuts are grown for oil production. Our nanis and dadis would make sure we included these protein-rich tiny legumes in our healthy diets. My dadi would make a super simple, super easy, yet healthy recipe with peanuts. She would always press us to eat those delicious peanut bites. Back then, kids did not have too many options. Yea! we were "ache bache" and would eat anything and everything we were offered at home. Luckily, dadis and nanis tried every single healthy recipe so we could include healthy ingredients in our diet.

For example, the peanut chikki that has become widely popular as butterscotch or nut brittle these days. My dadi had a signature style to cook that. No, it was not a chikki but its softened form. Since we were kids, she did not give us anything that would deposit in our teeth and invite cavities. She prepared the softened form for us.

The combination of melted ghee, jaggery, and roasted nuts - peanuts precisely-  was to die for. 

I still remember the aroma wafting from our tiny kitchen during those days. We were in a rented accommodation, where the kitchen was just a namesake for a small room built under the terrace that ended where it began - yes, it was that small. I can imagine how tough it would have been for mom and dadi to cook meals and savories, sweets for us. Standing was not an option either. They had to sit and cook. Sigh!! Hard-working ladies!

We would enjoy that amazingly delicious and healthy combo with roti/chapati. 

Rice, back then, was a royal treat for us. 

As Punjabis, we would love our simple dal roti. Dadi's signature dishes were perfect to tempt our taste buds. Yes, I miss dadi now. May she always rest in peace.

Dad has learned a few of his mom's recipes that I call dadi ke nuskhe because all of grandmom's recipes are therapeutic.

Peanut Benefits for Health

Peanut is a rich source of fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, which packs a powerful punch in processed foods. Research finds that peanuts are rich in phytosterols, phenolic acids, resveratrol, and flavonoids. 

Peanut benefits hair due to its high amino acid content, esecially arginine. It is also a good source of other bioactive compounds, such as Co-enzyme Q10, which play a role in disease prevention and promote longevity. 

Did you know the processing of peanuts in the form of boiling or roasting improves the bioavailability of these bioactive compounds?

CRISPY Masala Peanut Recipe in Airfryer

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Someone asked how to roast peanuts indian style n airfryer?So this recipe is my answer.
Hello everyone.   Ravneet Bhalla welcomes you back to her channel.

If you are crazy about peanuts and also want to include protein in your diet, go for this chatpata Indian snack. I have made the masala roasted peanuts recipe in airfryer. The process to make spicy peanuts recipe in air fryer cuts down on the fat content significantly. In fact, you do not need to deep fry ground nuts and can enjoy these masala nuts as a healthy Indian snack.

So let's get started with the fried peanuts recipe. To make airfryer peanut masala, you need 1 cup of peanuts. You may take more. I have used the locally grown nuts in this village of Odisha. Local farmers visit homes to sell their fresh produce.  I often roast air fryer peanuts in shell. That makes them crispy nuts.  But for this recipe, let's make Indian airfryer masala peanuts.

So the next task was to uncover the nuts, which is quite tedious. 

When your peanuts are ready, let's soak them in water for at least 30 minutes.

Now prepare the masala. 

Add 3 tbsp of besan or chickpea flour to a bowl. 

Throw in 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp homemade coriander powder, 1/4 tsp of haldi, 1/4 tsp of red chili powder,  1/8 tsp of hing, and 1 tbsp of oil.  Mix.

Drain soaked peanuts and start mixing with the besan masala. If it looks watery, add more besan.

Let the prepared peanut masala sit on the counter marinated for 1 hour.

Then bake masala peanuts in airfryer for 15-20 minutes at 160 deg c. The timing might vary from an airfryer to airfryer. Check if the masala has dried, if not, you may bake for 5-10 minutes more. My airfryer roasted peanuts in 25 minutes.  they will crisp up outside at room temperature.

I hope you enjoy making these spicy masala peanuts at home and relish these during the rainy season. But watch on your portion, please. 

Peanut Butter

Created as a protein source for people with dental issues, peanut butter was first developed in the 1890s. It is surely a royal way to treat your kids.

I am sure your kids love peanut butter.


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