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Can bananas replace eggs in pancakes? Banana Pancake Recipe Without Eggs and Baking Powder/Soda

 Can bananas replace eggs in pancakes? Well, if you are looking for an easy banana pancake recipe without eggs and baking powder/soda, Ravneet Bhalla presents one of the easiest eggless pancake recipes here. It's easy, it's healthy, and it's yummy. The eggless pancake with banana and semolina is a soft and delicious healthy snack for kids. No worries if you are not a kid. You may still bite into these delicious sweet pancakes made on an iron skillet.

 you do not need to worry whether it is possible to use banana as a sub for egg. In this easy tawa pancake recipe with suji or semolina, I have shown how to make soft delicious nutty pancakes with banana alone. You do not need eggs or even raising agents. However, for fussy eaters, who want to see the beautiful texture of a pancake, please add a little amount of baking powder. For health freaks, a pancake without baking soda or powder will be a huge hit as it was at my place.

I saw my MIL make pancakes or kadali chakuli in Odisha with whole wheat flour, wherein she would make a batter with ripe bananas, whole wheat flour and water and then cook the batter like an odia chakuli on tawa or an iron skillet. For this banana pancake eggless recipe, I have followed her method but decided to add a little more deliciousness to these mini beauties with the addition of cashews and organic vanilla powder.

Do you need to put eggs in pancakes? No

If you want a 3 ingredient banana pancakes no egg recipe, then just follow my MIL's kadali pitha recipe by making a thick batter with bananas, whole wheat flour, and water. Pour the batter on a hot skillet greased with ghee or oil. Cook on one side until you see a few bubbles. Throw in a few drops of oil/ghee along the sides of the pancake. Then flip the side and cook.

It will be a soft pancake that smells bananas.

But in my recipe for banana pancake no egg, I have tried to reduce that nana smell from my pancakes. Eat them hot and they won't smell like bananas. But if you refrigerate, the flavors will intensify. I got literally crazy for this stuff so made baby healthy banana pancakes without eggs again.

Then I wanted to try a gluten-free pancake without banana. That was another experiment I got successful with.

Ingredients banana pancakes without eggs and baking powder

2 medium banana
2 tbsp- cashew nut or almonds
1/4 cup- milk
2 green cardamom
1/8 tsp vanilla bean powder
2 tbsp jaggery (for kids)
1/4 cup semolina

For this easy recipe of no egg banana pancake, you need 2 bananas and 2 tbsp of cashews. Blend together with 1/4 cup milk, green cardamom, and 2 tbsp of jaggery. Once the ingredients look pureed,stir in semolina 1/4th cup. I forgot to add vanilla before. So if your kids love vanilla pancakes, please add organic vanilla powder. Here, please avoid using vanilla essence at all costs, as it is a chemical without any natural vanilla. Vanilla powder is expensive and so is vanilla extract but there is a guarantee of purity. So the choice is yours.

I do not recommend buying any chemical essence ever! 

Give the ingredients a good mix once again. Blending at this stage is crucial. This will help give your banana pancakes without baking powder or soda or egg a fluffy texture. But if you wish, please go ahead and add 1/8 tsp of baking powder to the batter and make pancakes on tawa or bake in an airfryer.

I have followed both - made pancakes on tawa and baked banana pancakes in airfryer

for making eggfree pancakes on iron skillet, grease tawa with oil/ghee.

Make sure it is not too hot when you pour the batter. Pour a spoonful and see the bubbles. Cover and cook on low flame. Flip side after 1 minute. Then cook the bottom side for a few minutes until done.

Your delicious, soft pancake is ready to be relished.

Meanwhile, you can preheat air fryer to 160 deg for  5 min.

Also, place the baking tray when you preheat the airfryer. We want the tray to be hot when we drop the batter on to it.

Grease the baking tray and pour small ladles of the pancake batter. Bake banana pancakes without egg for 7-10 min at 160deg c . Timing depends on your appliance.

Enjoy with a drizzle of homemade golden syrup with jaggery. Mind it, this is no usual jaggery syrup. It is a burst of flavor!

Ask me how to make golden syrup at home. It's super yum stuff that can play many roles in your culinary world. 

I hope you enjoyed making delicious banana pancake recipe without eggs and baking powder. Write to me about your experience . Enjoy healthy eating. Live and stay healthy. Stay blessed and share the healthy pancake recipewith friends and family to spread the world about health and healthy living. 


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