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How To MAKE Bajra Roti Soft at Home for Weight Loss (Youtube video)

If you are on a gluten-free diet and want to add ways to use pearl millet in your weight loss dietary regime, then bajra roti recipe can come in handy. Now you might be wondering how to make bajra roti chapati without flour.How to make soft bajra chapati with whole bajra?  Bajra benefits health in more ways than one. It is a staple in Rajasthan. If you are on a weight loss diet, then pearl millet is a powerful ingredient to include in your diet. Bajra has functional properties Pearl millet has a low glycemic index  It is a good low GI option for diabetics and weight control The gluten-free pearl millet is rich in dietary fiber. It has a similar lipid content as corn. Bajra is packed with protein and essential amino acids It is easy to ferment and turn into sprouted bajra atta, which is sweeter, more fiber-rich, and has a better nutritional profile. There are different ways to enjoy the benefits of pearl millet, which is an ancient grain and also known as superf

Gallbladder Stone Diet [Causes of Gallstones]

 What are the best foods to eat when you have gallstones? Well, before digging into a gallbladder-friendly diet, let's find how gallbladder stones are formed.  Typically, constipation contributes to gallbladder stone formation. If you often remain constipated, then that is a potential cause of gallstone formation as the bile juice hardens and is converted into stones. In that case, you want to switch to a high-fiber diet that includes complex carbohydrates to avoid the risk of stones in your gallbladder.  What should I avoid eating with gallstones?  The primary culprit of gallstones is refined ingredients. Avoid maida or refined flour in your diet. Additionally, a high-fat diet can also contribute to stone formation in the gallbladder.  In normal conditions, the job of your gallbladder is to store bile juice and release it into the small intestine for digestion.  However, you are at risk of stone formation in the gallbladder if there is a lot of cholesterol

Unique Kadhi Recipes From Healthy Recipes by Homemakers

Let's Eat Kadhi!  Nani -dadi ki recipes  Once again, it's time to revive our nani-dadi ki kahaniyan, nuskhe, and recipes. It's not for nothing that curd or kadhi is quintessential to every state in India. It is prepared in different ways and forms in different parts of India. In our endeavor to learn more about the recipes of traditional Indian kitchens, let's dig into the KADHI today. It's light on your tummy, delectable for the taste buds, and a favorite with everyone. Of course, it's one of the healthiest ways to enjoy a summer meal. I am CRAZY for Punjabi kadhi. My bhabhi (Kiranjeet Kaur) makes the best I have tasted thus far. Please share your kadhi recipe from your region. Whether you are from Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, or any Indian region/state, please bring to us your traditional Kadhi/Ambli recipe. Different regions different recipes - all are unique in their own way. The kadhi we make in Punjab is different from what I eat i

How Healthy Is Your Food? Processed Versus Unhealthy Processed Foods

We all keep stressing the fact that we should avoid processed foods. But what are processed foods? How do they affect health and wellbeing? Well, processed food is an example of a majority of snacks, baked goodies, fats, breakfast cereals, and meat products. What is considered a processed food?  What does processed food mean simple?  What are processed foods give examples?  What processed foods to avoid? Is rice processed food?  What are 3 highly processed foods?  What are the five white foods to avoid?  Is chicken processed food? Is potato processed food? what is unhealthy processed food processed versus unhealthy processed food Healthy versus highly processed food There are processed versus unprocessed foods. Then there are healthy processed foods and unhealthy processed foods. Confused? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines processed food as any raw food item that undergoes a series of processes, such as " washing, cleaning, milling, cutting, chopping, heat

Healthy Diwali Snacks Recipe [Serve Your Guests With A Methi Atta Oats Marori Baked in Airfryer]

The festival season is already here and we want to indulge in Diwali savories and sweets, right? but why indulge in guilty eating of unhealthy snacks when homemade is healthy and can be made even healthier with the choice of ingredients. exclude maida or refined ingredients and say hello to wholesome foods that pack a powerful punch of nutrients, for example, this oats atta mathri recipe.  We all want to indulge in Diwali snacks and savories but in a healthy avatar.  Let's make a healthy methi twister recipe, which is crispy and flaky. For this healthy recipe to make whole wheat mathri recipe, you need: Ingredients 1 cup= 240 ml Serves= 18 twisters 3/ 4 cup- whole wheat flour 1/4 cup- oats flour 1 tsp- salt 1 tbsp- kasuri methi 4tbsp- ghee 1/4 cup water 2 tbsp besan/chickpea flour 1 tsp ajwain (carom seeds) How to make Healthy Indian Snack Mathri in Airfryer for Diwali  Start with mixing 2 tbsp ghee with 1 tbsp besan . Whip with hands

Eggplant Shakshuka Recipe in Tomato Sauce [Vegan Baked Saksuka in Airfryer]

 A collection of delicious air fryer eggplant Indian recipes! This one is air fryer baba ganoush recipe! You are always looking to include antioxidants in your healthy diet. But little do you know that an eggplant packs a powerful antioxidant punch. did you know this fact? If so, post in comments. If you are on a healthy mission, then your diet is incomplete without an eggplant. A rich source of Vitamin K, an eggplant can save you from several diseases and protect you against oxidation or free radical damage.  Besides, it is low in calories and has a high moisture content, which makes it a potent weapon against various diseases, such as cancer. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has anti-asthmatic properties too. You should make eggplant an integral part of your diet if you suffer from frequent burns, gastritis, arthritis, warts, and inflammatory infections. Besides, brinjal or aubergine, or egglant is packed with minerals, including copper, potassium, magne

Why Make Your Own Flour at Home [Avoid Adulteration With Homemade Atta, Powders]

 As promised, let's explore the reasons to make your flour at home. If you are still unsure whether you should take the pain to wash, rinse, soak, sprout, dry, dehydrate, and pulse or mill your own flour at home, then there are strong reasons to do so. Let's see why you should make homemade atta from millets, legumes, pulses, and whole grains. This is in continuation of our series on making your own baking ingredients at h ome. Why Make Your Own Atta  1. Phytates are toxic anti-nutrients Do you know that plants have naturally protective properties that they use to protect their flowers (fruits) from predators (humans included)? Now, what is that natural protective cover? Plants develop a natural protective coating around their fruits (including grains/millets/cereals) that is known for its anti-nutrient effect. In that case, the cover containing phytic acid coating is toxic and binds around minerals, thus preventing their absorption in the gut. As a result, our bodies are not a

Ravneet Bhalla Bakes Healthy Millet Boondi Laddu With Jaggery (EASY Diwali Sweets Recipe)

 You love Indian sweets but are watching calories and fat intake so why not bake a healthy sweet that reminds you of traditional boondi ladoo! Millet laddu recipe with jaggery is yum, rich, and flavorful. Of course, it is healthy too.  Foxtail millet sweet recipes with jaggery are here. If you are looking for ways to include ancient grains in your diet, millet ladoo with jaggery is a great idea. This foxtail millet laddu recipe tastes like boondi ladoo and comes with a healthy tag. While the typical boondi laddu is deep-fried and simmered in a sugary syrup, this motichoor laddu is made easy and healthy with millets. Let's welcome guests with a healthy sweet for Diwali and Indian festivals. How to Bake Indian Sweets Let us make boondi millet ladoo We all love sweets. Actually indians are fond of traditional sweets but our sweets are typically packed with fat and calories. But there are ways to twist traditional sweets to make them a tad healthier.