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Homemade Hibiscus Oil for Hair Growth| Get Silky Shiny Smooth Hair With DIY SESAME OIL FOR THICKER HAIR ONLINE

Whether you are suffering from hair loss or grey hair, hibiscus leaves for hair growth can work like a charm. I started using hibiscus flowers in combination with sesame oil when one of my friends told me about hibiscus flower benefits for hair and skin. My research helped me reach the conclusion that hibiscus oil for hair along with til oil does work. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the homemade hibiscus oil for hair growth has been my biggest DIY project. How? Well, it combines two potent ingredients that will give your hair luster, shine, and stem loss of hair.
hibiscus oil with sesame oil: miracle oil for silky smooth shiny hair
Before proceeding, my verdict on this miracle oil for hair:
I call it a hair conditioner or a hair conditioning oil- once you start using it, you will NEVER need a separate conditioner. 

Why Does hair loss occur and how does hibiscus oil for hair work

Well, hair loss hurts like heartbreak. I have always enjoyed long hair, and the credit goes to mom. She has taken special care of our hair when we were young. But when we started combing our hair on our own, things started to change. However, since I love my hair, I followed mumma's advice always for hair growth. Perhaps moms know it all about daughter's hair, right?

The love, care, and grooming that we get from mom's hands is unmatched. Mumma would never get bored of it despite being a working woman. Perhaps she loved my hair and when I cut my hair short once, mom's heart broke literally.

hibiscus leaves and flower for skin and hair

Her gloomy face broke me too. "Why did you do this to your hair," mom asked.
"Mumma, I have been suffering from hair loss since I shifted to Delhi" - first for preparing for civil services exam and then got married and settled there.

"You do not always have to cut your hair short to make them grow," mumma replied, leaving me pondering for an answer.

my short hair now and growing :) 

The reality is the same - pollution, stress, bad diet, weather changes, and hormonal fluctuations all contribute to hair loss..
So she advised me to take care of my hair with sesame oil. Until then I had been using mustard oil, coconut oil only.

My hubby dear advised using castor oil because it is known to keep hair locks dark, preventing greying of hair,

My research shows that sesame oil for hair growth and hibiscus hair pack can do wonders for your hair. I have started on a hair grooming regimen for hair health. I am sure mumma would be the happiest to see my hair growing back to the length she had always wanted them to be.

Even my MIL loved my hair when I got married in her family. To her, my hair were my biggest asset. My short hair left her awe-struck. Her first question was the same - what did you do to your hair?

So I made hibiscus oil for hair at home upon my MIL's advice but this time included sesame oil in place of castor and coconut oil.
miracle powder for hair and skin

Research finds that hibiscus leaves are highly potent for hair growth. Hibiscus flowers are effective too but not as powerful as its leaves that lend your hair a darker hue. 
The color of the homemade sesame oil for thicker hair lent by dried hibiscus leaves is glittering green. I am in love with the color already.

Whether you are looking for sesame oil benefits for skin and hair or looking for a homemade recipe to use hibiscus leaves for grey hair, this post will surely help.

back then - my long beautiful hair

Q. What are the benefits of hibiscus oil for hair at home ?
Lab studies suggest that hibiscus may help promote hair regrowth while slowing down hair loss. According to a 2003 study,  hibiscus leaf extract has a positive impact on hair length and follicles in the study subjects.

Hibiscus is a wonder herb. It is highly effective as a hair loss remedy. Not only this, hibiscus is used to keep locks looking dark. If you have been fighting hair loss, then fresh or dry hibiscus powder is one remedy to regrow hair. Paired with bhringraj, amla, and fenugreek, it makes a potent remedy for hair loss. It's super easy to make hibiscus powder at home. The highly effective plant used as a hair loss remedy helps improve blood circulation in the scalp. It also controls premature graying of hair. You can add dried hibiscus leaves too in this hibiscus powder.
sesame oil for hair growth

Q. How to make hibiscus leaves powder at home?
Hibiscus is a natural remedy for hair growth and graying hair. If you wish to keep your locks dark and slow down the graying effect, you should start using hibiscus for hair right away. Add hibiscus to mehendi/henna or miracle hair oil that I had shared earlier to get the best results.

Q. How effective is hibiscus hair pack ?

I will share the recipe of hair pack with hibiscus leaves. It uses curd, methi seeds or fenugreek seeds, and kalonji or nigella seeds. I have applied the hair pack twice and loved the results. However, when it comes to hair growth, constant applications deliver results.

Q. You have made homemade hibiscus and aloe vera for hair oil. What is the difference between both?
Well, I feel that we should use both types of oil. Since both have all natural ingredients for hair regrowth, I find no reason not to use both alternatively. In fact, I also use neem oil for hair.
aloe vera oil for hair growth

Q. Which hibiscus flower is good for hair ?
Well, all hibiscus flowers are good for hair growth. Last time I tried pink hibiscus, but this time it was yellow in color. I loved it. But I still feel what did the trick was the homemade hibiscus leaves powder.

Q. How does hibiscus leaves for grey hair work?
Well, one biggest reason to include hibiscus leaves in your hair grooming regime is their hair conditioning effects. In fact, hibiscus nourishes and moisturizes hair, sealing its natural moisture! Research claims that there is a high amount of mucilage in hibiscus leaves and flowers that gives them the properties of a natural conditioner.

Q. Can you tell me about hibiscus flower benefits for hair and skin?
We have already talked about hibiscus benefits for hair regrowth. Let's talk a little about hibiscus for skin.
There is surprising evidence of hibiscus benefits for skin.
It is to be believed that hibiscus helps with age spots, fight off signs of aging, reverse UVB-induced photoaging, and encourage fresher, smoother complexion. It won't be wrong to say that the natural acids in Hibiscus can work as a skin purifying agent by breaking down dead skin cells and helping control acne breakouts.

Q. How does drinking hibiscus tea for hair growth\work?
Well, I have heard a lot about hibiscus tea but never prepared it for myself. Once I do, I will be happy to share.

Q. Do you have sesame oil for hair growth before and after ?

I will post some before and after pics after some time once there is notable growth of hair.

Q,. Does sesame oil for thicker hair  work?

Absolutely, sesame oil has good fatty acids that nourish hair and provide them with strength, preventing breakage.

 Q. Are there any sesame oil for hair side effects?

Well, if the oil is made the right way, there should be no side effects.

Q. What is the difference between sesame oil vs coconut oil for hair?
I love both coconut oil and sesame oil for hair regrowth. In fact, I love castor oil and almond oil too.
However, I feel sesame oil makes your hair feel softer, shinier.

Q. Do you use both sesame oil and castor oil for hair?

I use 4 homemade oils for hair growth.
Neem oil  with coconut oil
Onion oil with mustard oil and castor oil
Hibiscus hair oil with  sesame oil
Curry leaves oil with coconut oil
Mixed herbs oil with castor and coconut oils

Now somebody asked why do you use so many varieties of oil when we have grown up hearing that we should not change our shampoos and oils.

Well, my answer is simple.
These are all homemade oils for hair growth, without chemicals, additives, and fragrances. I know what all has gone into making hibiscus oil for hair or sesame oil for hair regrowth.
You should avoid using more than one storebought oil or shampoo. But when you make your homemade hair oil for hair loss, you can derive benefits from all.
Q. Does sesame oil benefit skin?

Sesame oil has good fatty acids, Vitamin A and E. It is an excellent source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. As a result, sesame oil for skin health works best on dry skin and it is equally good for acne.

Q. What is the best sesame oil for thicker hair online?
Well, homemade hibiscus oil for hair growth made with sesame oil is the best. There is no doubt about it.

Q. How to make coconut oil at home?
Well, it is quite easy to make homemade coconut oil. Make coconut milk first and then freeze it. The cream will float on the top. Remove that creamy layer and heat it. The oil will separate from the coconut meat. It is your homemade coconut oil.

There's another way to make virgin coconut oil at home. It follows the fermentation process.  I will post one video soon.

How to Make Hibiscus OIL for Hair Growth

Take 4 tbsp sesame oil and simmer.
Add 10 hibiscus flowers (dried -better).
Once the flowers look dried in the oil.
Add 2 tbsp more oil and 2 tbsp dried hibiscus powder (ask me how to make powder at home- this is a miracle product friends).
Turn off the flame.
Add 1/2 cup more oil and mix.
Let it sit until the oil cools down.
Strain and pour into a bottle.
Homemade sesame oil for thicker hair can be used regularly.
However, I alternate all my homemade oils fpr best results.
But this one has become my favorite.- love its green color and the effect it has had on my hair already.


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