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Indian Winter Recipes Collection From Healthy Recipes by Homemakers Vegetarian

 Let's welcome winters with recipes using seasonal veggies and produce. Selected entries from Healthy Recipes by Homemakers find a place of pride on mercuryimp. We welcome stir fries, curries, rotis, parathas, winter sweats, traditional treats! 

If you are looking for Indian vegetarian winter recipes, then this page has:

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A big round of applause for my girls in Healthy Recipes by Homemakers for sharing their heirloom and innovative Indian winter recipes for dinner, snacks, and breakfast here. 

Baked Nachos by Deepti Aggarwal

Let's begin the winter recipes collection with this super special winter snacks recipe from our super talented Deepti. 

1 ¼ cup maize flour(makki ka aata/cornmeal)

¼ cup whole wheat flour

1 tbsp corn flour

Two spoon oil

Warm water as required

3 tsp beetroot powder

2 tsp Oregano

¼ tea spoon pepper powder

¼ teaspoon perri perri flakes

¼ spoon sugar

5 tsp lemon juice

Salt to taste

1tbsp garlic paste

Oil forr brushing

Sieve  flours and cornflour together in a deep bowl.

Add all dry herbs,sugar,oil,lemon juice,mix.

Knead into a soft dough using warm water,adding small quantities of water at a time.

Keep aside for 10-15 minutes. 

Now divide the dough in two parts 

Keep one part between  a polythene sheet and roll into a thin rectangle ,the thickness should be like a poori. 

Now prick the chapatti with fork to avoid fluffiness.

Cut strips of about 3 to 4 inch.

Cut triangles from each strip,as shown in pic.

Meanwhile preheat oven at 180 degree.

Spread parchment paper or aluminium foil on a baking tray.

If using aluminium foil,brush oil over it.

Place the triangles on it at some distance from each other.

Brush oil on top of these and bake for about  20  to 25 minutes.

Take out.Tranfer on a cooling rack.

Once cooled,they will become crisp.

Enjoy these with home made cream cheese dip.

Taste bhi,health bhi.

# beetroot carrot chutney by Deepti Aggarwal

What is the most special winter season food? All cruciferous vegetables, hai na?
So here Deepti comes with her winter chutney recipe with the ever-vibrant Beetroot.
In Deepti's Words, 
It's that time of the year when market is flooded with colourful healthy veggies. So, why not make full use of them?? Like previous years, this year also, i have started preserving them in form of fingure licking, mouthwatering chutneys. Recipe credit, of course goes to my dear superwoman, my mom 😍😍😍😍
So, first in the series is.... 

125 gm carrot
125 gm beetroot 
6 chhuare(dry dates)
1 tbsp mustard oil
100 gm sugar
Salt to taste
Half cup water
20-25 raisins
1 tbsp char magaz
2 tbsp chopped almonds
1/2tsp red chilli powder 
1/2 tsp jeera
1/2tsp garam masala 
1/2 cup vinegar
Soak chhuare in warm water.Keep aside.Wash,peel and grate  carrot, beetroot together.
Chop chhuare in small pieces.
In a deep bottomed wok,heat mustard oil.When properly smoked,add carrot,beetroot,chhuare.
Stir,add salt,sugar and water in which chhuare were soaked.
Mix ,cover and let cook on low flame.When soft,add raisins,chopped almonds,char magaz ,red chilli powder, jeera, garam masala.
Cook for some time.
Add 1/2 cup vinegar (you can add tamarind paste instead).Let cook for some 
more time.When completely done,remove from flame.
Let cool.
Store in fridge.
Use with prantha etc instead of market bought jam....

Gajar gur ke chawal by Parshotam Kaur

Come winters and Punjabis find ways to stay warm with their winter laddus and sweet treats. Gur ke chawal is one example that most Punjabis adore and splurge on in winters.
So here's the Indian winter recipe of jaggery rice contributed by my darling Parshotam Kaur aunty.

One of my fav during winter
1-1/2cup rice, 2-3cup grated carrots
3 cup water
1cup crushed jaggery (more or less acc to taste)
1-2tb sp desi ghee
1t sp saunf (fennel)
6-7dry dates (chopped)
Few almonds (chopped)
Coconut (sliced)
Few black pepper corns
How to make gur ke chawal
In a pan add jaggery and water, boil till jaggery dissolves, sieve it & keep aside
Take a pressure cooker heat ghee, add saunf, cloves, bl pepper fry for 2-3 seconds add rice (rice should be washed properly and soaked for 15 minutes) add grated carrots mix nicely&fry for 4-5 minutes now add jaggery water,, dates, sliced coconut, kismis, almonds mix everything cover with lid, cook for 2 whistles let the pressure release by itself, open the lid, transfer it to a bowl or plate garnish with few chopped almonds. Enjoy

#mixed fruit jam by Deepti Aggarwal

Enjoy this colorful dip with healthy winter snacks recipes.
You can take any fruits that take your fancy.I have taken

2 apples
2 oranges
1 banana
1 cup black grapes
1 pack strawberries
1 pomegranate
2-3 slice pineapple

And surprise elements:

1 carrot
Small piece of beetroot
About 3 cup sugar
Juice of about half lemon
Liberal pinch of preservative

Wash and peel apples,oranges,banana,carrot and beetroot.Remove seeds from orange, pomegranate pearls.Chop and puree all the fruits and carrot and beetroot.Strain.Heat a heavy bottomed broad pan,pour this puree and sugar in it.Let boil.Now let it simmer on low flame for about an hour,stirring occasionally.Once about half done,add lemon juice.Keep stirring.When you feel desired consistency is about reached,pour one drop on a plate.If it stays round,it is ready.Turn off the flame and let it cool.As it cools,it will thicken more.Add preservative and store in air tight container.

You can vary the quantity of fruit,the color will vary..I had added more black grapes, so the color is bright maroonish. See Less

Authentic Punjabi Pinni recipe by Harsharan Kaur

Call these atta laddus or atta pinnis, these winter sweet treats are here to stay forever in Punjabi families. 
If you are looking for an authentic Punjabi atta panini recipe, here it is. The original recipe created by my sister's MIL uses sugar as all Punjabi recipes do, but I would rather add jaggery 🙂 Enjoy ye to winters ki saugaat hai. It has been my childhood favorite. When I came to Delhi for IAS preparation, I brought 2 big boxes of pinnis made by mama. Then when dad would come to visit me in winters, he knew what his daughter loved 🙂
Ingredients for winter laddus recipe
1 kg- wheat flour
1/2 kg ghee
1/2 kg sugar or jaggery
250- badam
100 gram- gond
100 gram- makhana
40-gram- green elaichi (green cardamom)
100 gram- kismis
Heat little ghee in an iron kadahi and roast almonds, makhana, and then gond.
Then in the remaining ghee, roast wheat flour little by little so no lumps are formed.
Roast atta for pinni until aromatic.
Once roasted, turn off the flame. Grind roasted nuts and makhana.
Mix everything and bind.
Enjoy authentic Punjabi pinnis at home.

Sarson da saag recipe by Harsharan Kaur

One vegetarian winter recipe Indian adored and devoured and indulged in by Punjabis is here!

Different Punjabi homes follow different ways to make sarson ka saag. The traditional way of cooking saag is unique and doesn't have a match. But the way we make sarson da saag makes for a lip-smacking meal. The day the family welcomes sarson saag and makki di roti for the first time in winters, it is a kind of celebration. One stand-out meal the whole family waits for to welcome winters and the abundance of greens and veggies. We all love saag, and there is hardly any Punjabi who doesn't ( exceptions are always there). When mom used to treat us with this yummiest meal of the season , we would always end up indulging in guilty eating. But that was only when the meal called for this heavenly recipe of sarson and makka. This is how my sister makes this traditional Punjabi recipe. 

#Garwali Fannah by Deepti Aggarwal

This is a typical garwali daal,most famous in Mussoorie side. So when a recipe comes from the hills, it is ought to be a winter season food recipe.

It is a strictly winter speciality as kultha or kulad ,the lentils used have very strong heat factor.
It uses mustard oil, no onion,no tomato.Cooked in iron pot,it tastes amazing .
One cup kulth daal,soaked overnight or at least 7 to 8 hours.
One and half tsp ginger paste.
Half spoon garlic paste.
One tbsp Mustard oil
One green chilli
Lots of chopped coriander leaves
Four cups of water
If you have iron pot, it's good.
I have used iron pressure cooker by Futura.
Heat oil and roast pastes and green chili till the raw smell is gone.
Drain daal and add to the paste.
Stir cook for 8 to 10 minutes.
Now add water,salt to it and pressure cook till two three whistles.
When steam is released, open the lid , and let simmer on low flame.
Add more water if required.
It should be thick in consistency,just like our Punjabi daal makhani.
When serving,garnish with coriander leaves and fresh cream.
Try it with bajra roti to have a purely rustic pahari feel.

Alsi pinni (flax seeds pinni)A winter treat in Punjab by Parshotam Kaur

2cup flaxseed
2cup wheat flour
2cup jaggery pd (less or more acc to taste)
1/4cup coconut pd
1/4cup almond meal
Kismis(can increase the amt of all these)
1/4 - 1/3cup desi ghee (can b skipped totally)
Dry roast flax seeds, grind into a pd, dry roast flour on low flames now heat ghee in a wok (if using it), add flour fry for few minutes (as it is already roasted) add flaxseed pd, coconut pd, kismis, mix every thing, in another wok add jaggery & 2/3cup of water, boil till jaggery dissolves completely & syrup thickens slightly or make chasni of 1 thread switch off the heat add dry mixture to this syrup and mix everything nicely make pinni while the mixture is still warm. Enjoy with a hot cup /glass of milk.

Immunity boosting drink by Shital Dani

We have been drinking this from  last winters. As it has Tulsi and turmeric it keeps the cold away and then came COVID and we continued this as it is a big immunity booster. So we have been taking this from a year now and believe me not even a regular flu has touched us. 

Ginger 2"
Turmeric 2"/turmeric powder 1tsp
Amla 2
Lemon juice of 4 lemons
Honey 2tbsp
Cinnamon powder 1tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper powder 1/2tsp
Grind all the ingredients with a glass of water. Strain it. Add 4 more glasses of water. Serve.

Ginger candy for cough, cold by Ravneet Bhalla

As temperatures come down,
As the winter sets in,
It's natural for our bodies to feel a little under the weather,
But not if your immune system is diligently working to ward off everything foreign.
While keeping your gut healthy is critically important for a stronger immunity,
You may want to chew on these anti-inflammatory ginger candies to ward off viruses that come in all forms as summer transitions to winter
Ginger candy with jaggery
It's yummy & addictive and even kids can enjoy these candied ginger pieces.
Ingredients for chewy ginger candy ith jaggery
76 gram- peeled ginger (1/2 cup- you can take up to 3/4 cup for intense spicy effect)
150 gram- jaggery powder
1/4 cup- water
1/2 tsp- clove powder
1/2 tsp- blacl salt
1/2 tsp- black pepper (optional)

How to make sugarless ginger chews/ginger gel
Make ginger paste with water.
Add jaggery to a vessel.
Throw in all other ingredients.
Mix and let it rest for 10 minutes.
Start cooking on medium flame.
Keep stirring constantly and scrapping sides.
This should go on until you get the desired consistency.
Take a bowl with cold water, put a drop of the cooked syrup.

If you can gather the drop like a ball within your fingers, it's done. Stop cooking after 1 minute.
If not, continue to cook until your ginger syrup passes the test.
Keep a greased plate/tray ready. I do not use butter paper. If you do, yu can keep it ready.
Pour drops onto the greased tray.
Allow them to cool for an hour.
Dust with powderedjaggery using a sifter. This s optional.
Enjoy candied ginger chews for cough, indigestion, cancer (chemotherapy), or motion sickness.

Winter recipe of burfi by Satinder Wadhwa

Gur 500 gms
Saunf, jeera, sonth pd
Black pepper pd ajwain
1tsp each
Ghee 2tsp
Almonds 1/4 cup
Cashew nuts 1/4 cup
Peanuts 1/2 cup
Makhanas 1/2 cup
Desicated coconut pd
1/2 cup
Dry roast all nuts... Cool and chop coarsely. Heat ghee in a pan. Add chopped gur and melt it. Add saunf, jeera and ajwain.... Saute for a few minutes... Add rest of the ingredients... Mix well for few minutes... Switch off the flame. Pour in a greased plate.. Cut into pieces while warm.. Cool and store... Enjoy..

Bajra Halwa by Neelam Avasthi 

BAJRA HALWA:A truly winter special recipe from Rajasthan
Winter season ho and kuch Garma garam meetha na khilaun mei apne friends  ko, it's impossible...So here I am with one more variety of Halwa from my kitty.
Bajra flour-1 bowl
Ghee-4 tbsp or more or less as required
Water-2 bowls
Sugar or jaggery powder-3/4 bowl
Elaichi powder-1/2 tsp
Dry fruits for garnishing
Heat ghee in a wok, add flour and roast it on very low flame till your home fills with a nice aroma, meanwhile boil water in a pan, add water into the mixture and stir constantly to make it little thick, now add sugar and mix well, cook it for few more minutes, it will leave the wok, turn the flame off, mix elaichi powder, garnish with chopped dry fruits and serve hot.
Enjoy the weather friends!!!

Winter special recipe of Amla Punch by Urmi Desai

Healthy Winter Drink #AmlaPunch

Here's method
Dont boil Amla direct u can use . 
Cut 3 to 4amla in pieces, 
Half inch Ginger
Half inch Green turmeric
6 to 7 Mint leaves
3 to 4 Basil leaves/Tulsi  leaves
100 ml  water
Drain them n grind in mixi for 2 to 3 mins.
Drain mixture in muslin cloth.
You can freeze that mixture for 2 days.

Meethe gajar chawl punjabi recipe by Parshotam Kaur

1catori rice 
2 or more bowl grated carrots 
1/2 or 1/3 bowl jaggery powder
 2/1/2 catori water 
1-2 tb sp ghee 
1tb sp saunf 
Black. cardamom seeds dry fruits of your choice (coconut slice, raisins, almonds) optional 

how to make sweet rice with jaggery

In a pan boil jaggery & water (Sieve it & keep aside) 
heat ghee in a cooker 
add saunf, cardamom seeds
 immediately add rice, carrots, jaggery water & coconut slice (if using) 
mix with a ladle. 
Cook for 2-3 whistles.
Let the steam release by itself 
open the lid, add 1/2 of dry fruits & cover with Lid 
after 5 mins, open the lid transfer to a serving plate garnish with remaining dry fruits. Enjoy · Reply · 9h

Bajra Laddu recipe with dates by Ravneet Bhalla [winter recipes Indian]


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