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No Sugar No Maida Cookies With Mango [NO BAKING POWDER/SODA Atta Biscuits Recipe in Airfryer by Ravneet Bhalla]

Ravneet Bhalla posts healthy no maida atta cookies with jaggery! 

What are summers without mango,  hai na! Now that you love mangoes so much, let's bake a batch of mango cookies today with jaggery as sweetener without baking powder or soda. Han ji, we do not need raising agents (chemicals) to bake a batch of healthy biscuits at home. This is the best thing about baking at home -cum homemade cookies- because you know what's going in.  it's as simple as that.

The story behind the addition of mangoes in cookies goes like this. My MIL's helper got her one kilogram of mangoes from her mango tree. Yes, in Odisha, mangoes are already flooding the markets. Coastal Odisha is abundant with mango orchids. I would say I can mango trees everywhere, apart from coconut grooves, date palm trees, wood apple trees, and what not. Presently, I am in nature's haven. In nature, you ought to face all types of natural creatures too. The worst interactions I have with lizards. OMG!

I do not want to think about these reptiles. They are like monsters here. Other creatures that frequent our place is langurs (Odias call them mankad)....Hanji, I have learned Odia but do not want to communicate in Odia. People here are very critical of others. Who knows who will start backbiting when I utter a word in Odia? Sigh!

Leave it. Let's talk mangoes here and our vibrant mango cookies with whole wheat and jaggery. I have made these healthy biscuits with ghee alone this time because I wanted to keep the recipe fairly simple and easy for everyone to try out.

This is an easy cookie recipe for beginners in India. If you are yet to start baking biscuits at home, you donot need to take a cookie baking course; rather, learn a few cookie baking basics on my channel (Ravneet Bhalla in Youtube).

 Aour mujhe bhi to mango bahut pasand hai. and you cannot dream of a summer without the king of fruits. When it comes to baking with mangoes, we can bake

  • mango shortbread cookies 
  • almond flour mango cookies 
  • mango crinkle cookies 
  • vegan mango cookies (i will post one soon)

Mango shortbread cookies with whole wheat flour

Mango mania cookies with whole wheat, jaggery No baking powder soda #nobakingpowder #nobakingsoda You love mango, I love mango, so let's take this mango mania to another level and create cookie magic. A cookie that should appeal to all ages, tastes and preferences. These beauties took me down the memory lane, reminding me of the ghee atta cookies at my favorite bakery in Patiala ( those were the days when I used to indulge in store-bought junk but the stort is changed now). Meanwhile, enjoy the mango mania. 

looking for no maida cookies recipe, which is healthylicious, easy, and packed with nutrition and flavors? 
no I don't call this mango cookies recipe with atta and jaggery a flavor bomb because no single flavor stands out. if you get good quality mangoes, you might be able to make these healthy biscuits as flavor bombs. the no maida cookies are healthy, use homemade pure ghee as far and jaggery powder for sweetness. mango is the king of fruits and we all love to relish it in the summer season. the distinctive flavor of mango makes everyone addicted. 

ingredients for almond flour mango Cookies indian

1 cup= 240 ml
1/2 cup +2 tbsp whole wheat flour
2 tbsp almond powder
1/4 cup +2tbsp Jaggery powder
1tbsp mango puree
1/4 cup ghee liquid

Mix together ghee and mango puree. Freeze for 15 minutes until it is completely frozen or refrigerate until set .
Then start whipping with jaggery powder until it turns all creamy. Check cookie baking basics for beginners to learn what I mean.
Add almond flour and mix.
Sift whole wheat flour in batches and bring together as dough.
Preheat the oven, airfryer, convection, otg to 160 degrees celsius for 10 minutes.
Roll out the healthy cookie dough into a thick roti.Cut into shapes.
I topped the center with sesame seeds.
Bake for 12 minutes or until done.
Timing might vary from one machine to another.
Let mango shortbread cookies cool down before dunking these healthy jaggery biscuits in a cup of tea
Enjoy delicious bakes goodies that are healthy and wholesome.
The mango biscuts recipe is easy to follow and can be done in a jiffy. Mango no maida cookies will appeal to kids and elders alike.

the healthy biscuits are a good substitute for store-bought cookies that are laden with refined flour , chemicals, and all things unhealthy. homemade cookies are healthy and addictive and replacing sugar with Jaggery adds litle extra nutrition to the cookies. flavorful ( if you use the best mango), healthy and nutritious and full of healthy ingredients for a simple Cookies recipe in india.
please refer to cookie baking basics for beginners for cookie making details to make homemade biscuits for kids and elders alike.

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