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Healthy Whole Wheat DARK FANTASTY Cookies With Date Palm Jaggery [No Baking Powder/Soda Air fryer Biscuits Recipe]

 Because we want to eat healthy and delicious, let's combine both to make healthylicious cookies for kids and elders alike. Kids are crazy for cookies but storebought ones are not healthy. Rather, they are packed with everything that we want to avoid using at home. From refined flour to refined sugar , artificial colors, essences, flavors, additives, flour improvers, texture enhancers, and colors. You dont want kids to eat all this, right?

healthy choco fill cookies with whole wheat

So why not learn how to bake healthy cookies at home with whole grains, natural sweeteners and without chemical additives, flavors or colors. Here you will learn how to bake healthy cookies without baking powder or soda.

let's learn how to make healthy choco fill cookies at home because kids are crazy for all things chocolate. you want to hide health in every single bite.

Please check the ingredient list in the description.

healthy dark fantasty cookies with whole wheat and jaggery


1/2 cup +1 tbsp - whole wheat flour

1 tbsp- oat flour

1 tbsp- cocoa powder

1/2 cup- date palm jaggery

1/2 cup- cashews

1 tbsp- water

2 tbsp- malai (cream that floats on milk - set in the refrigerator to thicken)

2-3 green cardamom

pinch of salt

How To Make Healthy Dark Fantasy Biscuits in Airfryer

When you want to make healthy chocolate cookies with whole wheat flour, this recipe can come in handy.

Pulse cashews to powder and blitz at regular intervals to make cashew butter. It will take time so give timely breaks to your processor.

once done, add date palm jaggery or sweetener of choice along with green cardamom for flavor. You may use any other natural flavor to appeal to your kid's taste buds. Let us flavor our homemade healthy biscuits with natural spices and herbs so kids do not find anything attractive or addictive in storebought or packaged stuff. 

next, add malai or cream and blitz again. 

But all in all, cashews in these healthy biscuits make them addictive. Believe me, all the packaged goods are gardually taking us toward a disease epidemic that we literally cannot avoid market junk.

Set  aside 1.5 tbsp of the cashew paste in another bowl. 

healthy cookies recipe with date palm jaggery without baking powder soda

Add cocoa powder to this 1.5 tbsp of the paste. If you want the chocolate filling to be gooey, stop here, else, add oats to this. Keep aside. This is our healthy chocolate filling.

Now it's time to add water to make the remaining cashew paste a little thinner. Do not be tempted to add more liquid. You will not get the desired results.

Sift whole wheat flour in batches and mix with the rest of the cashew paste. Look at the darker hue of the dough. It's all because of date palm jaggery, which is extracted from the palm tree sap and processed to make jaggery. It is rich in calcium and known as nolen gur in Bengali. Just like our traditional jaggery, date plam jaggery can be enjoyed as a sweet treat on its own.

Preheat oven, otg, convection, airfryer to 140 deg c for 10 minutes. You do not need to preheat an airfry that long - 5 minutes is good. If you want to bake these no maida no sugar choco fill cookies in cooker or kadahi, it's time to preheat the utensil to create an oven-like environment. You may use salt or sand as a base layer.

Take small lime-sized balls. Flatten with palms and drop a tiny bit of the filling paste. Cover from all ends. Roll into a ball with gentle hands. Press gently with palms. Dust some oat flour . But that's optional. 

That's it. Your healthy whole wheat chocolate cookie is ready to go into the baking mode (mood).

Place on a baking sheet or in the airfryer basket and bake for 15-20 min at 140 deg celsius.

As always timing might vary from one appliance to another. So keep an eye on these beauties after 15 minutes, though they may take longer in your machine because an airfryer bakes really fast.

Let the chocolate cookies cool down before munching on these crispy on the top and chewy from inside cookies. The healthy chocolate filling is to die for. So yumm.

Do try out this healthy cashew cookies recipe and write to me in comments if you have any other recipe request. And do share your feedback on healthy whole wheat choco fill cookies, which are without baking powder or soda. I hope you like this recipe. 


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