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Can you pop amaranth seeds like popcorn? How do you pop amaranth without burning it?

How do you pop amaranth without burning it at home? Can you pop amaranth seeds like popcorn? Do you use oil to pop amaranth? Is popped amaranth healthy?  

I know you have been wondering how to puff amaranth at home. You enjoy popped amaranth during navratri fasts. But have always wanted to pop rajgira at home. So Ravneet Bhalla presents the making of amaranth puff at home. To add to this video, I have another fasting recipe for navratri. If you love all things amaranth, then do not forget to try out other amaranth recipes on the channel. I will soon come up with a video on making amaranth granola, which is gluten-free and refined sugar free. What's more, you do not need added fat for this healthy fasting recipe in airfryer.

So, let's begin popping amaranth in salt in a pressure cooker.

If you are puffing amaranth for upwas or fasting, try using pink salt or sendha namak for this recipe. We use pink Himalayan salt during fasts because it is unprocessed and contains 84 trace elements. 

To begin with, rinse and wash amaranth seeds. You will also need to dry the seeds before popping so that there is no moisture. Now here I would like to mention a small fact about amaranth, which is a pseudocereal. Ideally we need to soak the seeds to remove the phytate coating. Popping and/or sprouting will also help break the phytic barrier, which may cause gas or digestion problems if left to sit on the seeds. The same goes for millets, cereals, nuts, and pseudocereals.

Preheat the cooker along with salt for 5-8 minutes on high heat. You can take 1 cup of salt here. Drop amaranth seeds into the preheated cooker. Start stirring. Please take a huge vessel or cooker because amaranth will dance while popping in the utensil. You do not want the puffs to slap your face while popping. 

Amaranth will puff like popcorn in no time in hot sand. This is the safest way to pop amaranth.

So now you have learned how to pop amaranth easily. The puffed amaranth will be a little salty. You may combine it with potato salad for fasts or make cutlets with it. On other days, you may drop puffed rajgira on all types of salad and make cookies too.

So How do you eat amaranth popped?

Now next I will show how to make delicious gluten-free, oil-free granola with amaranth for upwas.  Stay tuned. Remember, this is the healthiest granola recipe on earth. 

What does amaranth do to the body? What is healthier quinoa or amaranth? How do I make my amaranth more digestible? Should I rinse amaranth before cooking? Can you eat raw amaranth? Is amaranth good for arthritis? Can I eat amaranth leaves? Feedback

Can you put amaranth in an air popper? Can I pop amaranth in a popcorn popper? How do you pop amaranth at home? How do you pop amaranth without burning it?

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