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Easy pizza sauce recipe without tomato paste [ WELCOME Roasted TomatoSauce]


Make light, fresh, and delicious pizza sauce without effort with roasted tomatoes that pairs so very well with homemade cheese spread toasted on a pizza and even a pizza cracker! sounds interesting, right.
you wont ever forget this combination, that's a promise. when ravneet bhalla shares something, it has got to be a healthy recipe and an easy one too.

The post answers the following: how to make pizza sauce how to make pizza sauce at home easy pizza sauce recipe homemade pizza sauce ingredients list fresh tomatoes (sliced) 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil ( oregano black salt black pepper powder salt kashmiri red chili powder garlic cloves prestige airfryer (paf 3.0) before beginning with the best pizza sauce recipe indian, here's an important piece of information foryou. the addition of  oil to tomatoes during cooking is crucial to increasing the absorption of lycopene, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. more on lycopene a little later. so let's roast the tomato slices in an airfryer or oven smeared with extra virgin olive oil. I have also used garlic in the tomato sauce for piza because it lends aroma and flavor to the sauce. make sure the oil coats both sides of tomatoes as well as garlic.  now what is lycopene? or let me ask where does the tomato get its color from? well, the color comes from lycopene, which is an antioxidant and tomatoes are its biggest source, besides being packed with folate, potassium,  vitamin C, and vitamin K.   tomatoes cooked are healthierthan raw tomatoes as cooking with fat improves lycopene bioavailability and makes the fruit heart-healthier. it boosts its cancer-fighting ability.  cooking substantially improves the levels of beneficial compounds known as phytochemicals  bake at 160 deg c for 20-25 min or longer in an oven. i always use two levels for baking in air fryer, to maximise its capacity. that's my indian jugaad. roasted tomatoes and garlic are full of aroma. now blend them together with oregano, black salt, black pepper powder and Kashmiri red chili powder for color. your delicious homemade pia sauce is ready. wasn't that easy? store in a sterilied glass in the fridge. the flavors would continue to intensify as the tomato sauce matures. enjoy! i smeared tomato sauce along with homemade cheese spread on a roti pia cracker. the end result was awesomely flavored and yummm treat. please try out the tomato sauce recipe and share your feedback. ravneet bhalla would love to hear back. which is healthier - raw tomatoes or cooked tomatoes? -- Cooked tomatoes -are healthier as cooking with fat improves lycopene bioavailability and makes the fruit heart-healthier. it boosts its cancer-fighting ability.  cooking substantially improves the levels of beneficial compounds known as phytochemicals. pizza sauce,tomato sauce,recipe,fresh tomatoes,how to make,how to make pizza sauce from fresh tomatoes,best pizza sauce recipe,pizza sauce recipe Indian,ravneet bhalla,how to roast tomatoes in airfryer,air fryer,prestige airfryer,airfryer recipe,pizza sauce recipe,how to make pizza sauce,easy pizza sauce recipe,healthy pizza sauce recipe,how to cook tomatoes sauce,roasted tomato sauce recipe,quick and easy pizza sauce,homemade pizza sauce easy air fryer recipes are available in abundance here Antioxidants protect the human body from cell and tissue damage, which occurs when harmful molecules called free radicals, released as oxygen, are metabolized by the body. How do I make pizza sauce at home without effort?  here's an easy pizza sauce recipe that is ready quickly and without too much effort. What is pizza sauce made of? the recipe uses roasted tomatoes in air fryer. but feel free to roast your tomatoes for pizza sauce in oven. when you make garlic tomato sauce with roasted tomatoes, you wont ever go back to the old way of making oregano sauce for pizza.  this is by far my best pizza sauce recipe  What is the best sauce to put on pizza? Indian tomato sauce homemade What can I use if I have no pizza sauce? make it with fresh tomatoes _________________________________ INSTAGRAM - @bhalla.rav FACEBOOK - Ravneet Bhalla BLOG - __________________________________


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