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Zero oil capsicum in air fryer by Anita Chahal Aunty

Some of Anita aunty's experiments that I had not saved earlier. One such airfryer recipe is the zero oil capsicum in air fryer.  Anita aunty says,  Earlier I used to shallow fry these stuffed capsicum,,,then for the last about ten years have been using microwave,but there also they had to be brushed with oil,,,,but air frying is the best option. Ingredients  Capsicum............................250 gm  Potatoes..............................4  small Tofu......................................100 gm /paneer Salt,red chilly powder,haldi, dhaniya powder,green coriander  How to make stuffed capsicum in airfryer Wash capsicum  Cut out a circle from the top  Scoop out inside seeds  Boil,peel and mash potatoes  Mash tofu  Mix all ingredients and fill in capsicum  Cover with circle head  Place in preheated airfryer and cook for eight minutes at 180-degree celsius. Timing might vary from one airfryer to another. Serve hot when done. Enjoy 

This Baked Pani Puri Will Puff Everytime |Tips & Tricks for Making Airfried Golgappa Recipe at Home

If oil-free pani puri recipe interests you, then I suggest watching this video until the end to learn how a baked golgappa tastes. Once all the tips and tricks are clear to you, making gupchup at home will become a breeze.  Homemade baked pani puri/ gol gappe/ puchka  A few trials that were big flops and then one experiment changes the game. The puffed pani poori is chemical free and requires only a few ingredients. Hello friends, Who does not like gol gappe here? Perhaps there's hardly anyone other than me who is not fond of pani puri. But when your hubby loves puchka and you get a few requests to come up with a healthier gol gappa recipe, you know you have a task at hand. Finally, after a few Failures at getting it right, here's my successful version of baked gol gappa with semolina in airfryer. Happy with the result when you do everything from scratch. You may not go back to the vendor if you are craving for a healthy fuchka. Yes, you may enjoy the street food sometimes beca

Let's Bake Some Healthy Savory Snacks in Airfryer

Who does not want to stay healthy? We all do strive to get the better of ourselves and lead a disease-free life. Sadly, a majority of health problems come from our wrong food choices. A diet that relies heavily on wrong foods is deficient in nutrients and the result is nutritional deficiencies in you. But these so-called delicacies and savories are addictive, and you cannot stay away from them. Think of pizzas, samosas, mathris, breads, and keep adding your favorite snacks to this list. So does staying healthy means rejecting the foods you love? Does it mean you cannot enjoy what you crave for? Well, my definition of healthy eating includes all those foods that you crave and are addicted to, with the only difference being in the choice of flour, fat, salt, and exclusion of any additives, artificial flavors, and chemicals. Leftover Roti snack recipe Methi mathri recipe in airfryer Yeast-free garlic bread recipe with atta, oats in airfryer Oats crackers recipe Indian Bajra cookies recipe

Baked Jowar Crackers Recipe With Jaggery [ JOWAR MATHRI RECIPE | Indian AIRFRYER RECIPES]

Are you looking for a gluten-free mathri recipe, then this baked jowar crackers recipe with jaggery can be a hit at your place. Many have already tried it. So why wait any longer to bake jowar mathri with jaggery at home? Give your gluten intolerant loved one a sweet treat to satiate their cravings for a sweet cracker with the baked jowar mathri. Topped with sesame seeds that add a nutty flavor to the jowar crackers, the mathri is baked without baking powder and soda. Sorghum mathri is a low-calorie cracker recipe. sorghum crackers recipe indian Jowar Benefits A digestive aid, sorghum is rich in fiber and phytochemicals Anti-inflammatory properties that keep free radicals away - which are linked to cancer cell growth Anti-diabetic- making jowar for diabetics a healthy whole grain alternative Helps improve insulin sensitivity A boon for dieters being a low-calorie gluten-free flour Here's the video recipe of baked jowar crackers recipe in airfryer Indian 3/4 c

Suji Fruit Cake: My First Baking Experiment With Air Fryer

suji cake in airfryer It's Christmas today and time to bake Christmas cake. Yes, this is not a typical X-mas cake, but I am extremely happy with the result. Perhaps it is the simplest yet yummiest fruit cake on earth using suji or semolina. The suji cake is baked in an airfryer - my latest investment. I have recently bought Prestige airfryer after getting inspiration from our very sweet aunt Anita Chahal's innovative airfried recipes. Yes, my first experiment with airfryer was a failure - tried making pakodas or fritters in my airfryer, I was disappointed since I wanted to make something special for my family in Patiala. Nevertheless I did not lose hope, and the next day, it was time to bake an airfryer cake. Yes, I was little apprehensive, but the fire within me to experiment kept me on! Then came my suji cake out of the airfryer. eggless semolina cake recipe Voila! It was such a hit with my family - with every single member loving every single bite of