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Lauki Methi Sprouts Stir Fry

lauki methi sprouts After my alloo methi sprouthi sprout s stir fry was a hit, I followed a friend Balvinder Kaur's idea of using fenugreek sprouts with pumpkin to make kaddu methi sprouts stir fry. I loved the recipe, which was liked by hubby as well. So I tried to replace pumpkin with lauki, ghiya, or bottle gourd, which is hated by most young members in Indian households. I must say this is one of the yummiest lauki recipes ever. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to serve lauki to your family. The humble bottle gourd is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and full of easily digestible fiber. It is useful in weight loss, lowering your blood pressure levels, and keeping heart healthy. Bottle gourd has a cooling effect on the body. Since it is available in plenty in summers, so why not increase your intake of lauki in the hot season and enjoy its benefits. It replenishes water loss from your body. Let's get back to the lauki methi sprouts recipe: Ingredients

Tasty, Tangy, Sweet Bitter Gourd Stir Fry (Khatta Meetha Karela)

khatta meetha karela Khatta Meetha karela ? Yes, the credit for this recipe goes to Chitra Balachander, a dear friend of mine. This lady boasts amazing culinary skills, with a repertoire rich in south Indian delicacies. Of course, she knows it all about north Indian food and other food varieties across India. She shared this khatta meetha karela recipe a few days back, which tempted me to try the recipe myself. I have given it a try and found it as one of the best karela recipes ever. The sweet & tangy bitter gourd stir fry goes well with rice, lentil curry, and any other gravy. Here's a sneak peak into Chitra di's recipe: khatta meetha karela by Chitra Balachander I made little modifications: 1 tsp- mustard oil 6-7 karelas (bitter gourd) turmeric, salt, jeera 1 big onion 1 tsp- tamarind paste 1 tsp- jaggery powder red chilly powder Procedure sweet & tangy karela Wash and cut karelas into round slices. Chop onion and mix with slic