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Is It A Cake or Sweet for Diwali (A Last-minute Diwali Sweet recipe with Paneer, Jaggery, Milk)

Paneer is a versatile ingredient in Indian cuisine and when it blends with nuts, it makes a nutritious sweet or snack for Diwali, ceremonies, festivals, or parties. Call it a steamed cake from Odisha or a juicy sweet with paneer, this healthy dessert packs a powerful punch of calories and is ready in a jiffy. Yes, it can easily satiate your sweet cravings.  Ingredients  140 gram- paneer/chenna (I have made paneer with 1 liter of milk)  3-6 tbsp jaggery (please use up to 6 tbsp for kids or if you have a sweet tooth)  1/4 cup- milk (240 ml/cup)  nuts and raisins, cardamom pods To begin with, you will need to make paneer at home. Of course, you may use store-bouthg as well. But I love making paneer from scratch and will soon post my paneer making video. If you have paneer handy, add it to a mixer or blender along with cardamom pods and blend until smooth. Now it's time to blend it again along with 1/4 cup milk, 3 tbsp jaggery (please add more - this steamed cake from Odisha has only a

No Butter Kadahi Paneer Recipe

kadahi paneer Kadahi paneer is loved by one and all. It is rich, creamy gravy with dipped paneer cubes. This delicacy makes a complete meal with plain roti, tandoori roti, or naan. As usual, I have prepared kadahi paneer, sans the creamy part. Rather, I have substituted butter and cream with almond- curd paste. To me, my version tastes divine, even without the usual kadahi paneer ingredients. Happy me! Kadahi Paneer Ingredients Paneer- 250 gram 4 onions 2 tomatoes (puree) 1 capsicum or more Ginger-garlic paste- 1tbsp kadahi masala- 1 tbsp curd- 1/4 cup almonds-10 jeera- 1 tsp kasuri methi- for garnishing Oil- 1 tbsp Water or milk for gravy cinnamon (dalchini)- 1 small salt, turmeric coriander powder Procedure no butter kadahi paneer Who doesn't love kadahi paneer?Paneer recipes are loved by kids and elders alike. Soak almonds in hot water for 10 minutes. Peel off their skin. Keep aside. Take 1/2 tbsp oil. Let's fry 2 onions f

10-Minute Besani Paneer Recipe

besani paneer Paneer recipes are royal! Indians love cottage chese recipes, isn't it? Paneer or cottage cheese is such a versatile ingredient that it can be put to umpteen food experiments. Paneer Make a dessert with paneer, from rasogollah to ice cream. Add it to curries to thicken them. Make stir fries with this high calorie dairy product. Add it to rice to make veg biryani From shahi paneer to butter paneer, from paneer kurma to kadahi paneer, from paneer badami to besan paneer, from paneer kofta to paneer pakoda, cottage cheese recipes are everywhere on the Indian platter! This besani paneer recipe comes from Anita Chahal aunty ji. I have recently met her in Facebook. She seems to have become an inspiration for many young girls like me. Young at heart, Anita ji is a super talented woman. Recently, she shared a besani paneer recipe, which inspired me to try it once. Made the besani paneer recipe with some modifications to Anita aunty ji'