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Healthy Oatmeal Recipes by Homemakers

how to make oatmeal delicious
Looking for ways as to how to cook oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Oatmeal is everywhere these days in my recipes. I am glad an increasing number of people are now trying oatmeal recipes to improve their health quotient. Why not? oatmeal is such a healthy cereal grain to become part of your everyday diet. If you have been wondering how to improve your fiber intake, oatmeal can come in handy.

  • The fiber-rich oatmeal contain a special type of fiber, known as beta-glucan, which helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. As a result, oats are linked to heart health. Foods rich in soluble fiber, such as oat flour and oat bran, are believed to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. 
  • Additionally, fiber-rich foods are great for digestion, since they create a feeling of fullness and satiety. This means you are not going to feel hungry any time soon after enjoying a meal with oatmeal and other fiber-rich foods. No wonder these foods also aid in constipation and boost metabolism. 
Do you know most of the lifestyle disorders prevalent these days are due to metabolism problems?
  • According to a research report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  a diet rich in whole-grains is as effective as any antidepressant or blood pressure lowering medication.
  • Oats are packed with minerals, including phosphorus, selenium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. This means they boost overall health.
  • Other oat benefits accrue from their flavonoid, polyphenol, carotenoids, and tocol content.
So how much fiber should you include in your everyday diet?

The recommended daily intake of fiber is somewhere around 38 g and 25 g for men and women, respectively. Are you taking this much of fiber? If not, it's time to recreate your meal plans.

So now you must be wondering how to include oatmeal in diet? Worry not! I have selected a few innovative oatmeal recipes for you all. These healthy recipes come from my friends, who are members of my Facebook food group - Healthy Recipes by Homemakers.

You are going to be left awe-struck seeing the innovative minds at work. Amazingly talented are these ladies.

1. Apple Oats Kofte by Sunita Sharma: Healthy Ways to eat oatmeal

Take two medium sized green apples grate or just give a quick grind..
Add two tbsp oats flour along with salt pincn red chilli powder one fourth tspn ..
Mi x make balls with light hands n cook in a greased appe pan..for gravy take two medium tomatoes n handful of cashew boil n puree..iin a pan take a tbspn oil add two cardamom one small stick of cinnamon three cloves..add puree along with one tspn degi mirch half tspn garam masala add tspn of kasuri methi..fry till it changes color now add half cup mlk n one fourth cup of water salt as per taste..boil for three to four minutes on sim..pour on kofte hot only before serving

2. Oatmeal Recipe: Pancake by Ritu Mendiratta
This recipe shows how to make oatmeal delicious.

3. Oatmeal Pumpkin cake by Sarada Shreya
This is another recipe with oat flour that you may want to try when a guest knocks at your door or when you want to treat a fussy eater!
Half cup WHEAT FLOUR ,
2 tbsp sooji,
2 tbsp roasted oats pwder, 
1/2tsp dalchini, nutmeg pwdr, 
1 tbsp baking powder, 
pinch of salt
1/4 tbsp baking soda
  • Mix everything and keep aside.
  • Take a pan.
  • Heat 2 tbsp ghee/clarified butter
  • Add 1 cup grated pumpkin and sautee it for 3 or 4 min 
  • Add 1/2 cup jaggery powder
  • Turn off the flame when jaggery melts.
  • Mix dry and wet ingredients
  • Add 1 cup milk, 25 GM crushed Peanuts and little vanila essence and mix well
  • Heat a nonstick pan 
  • Spread ghee and dry flour
  • Pour batter 
  • Heat on a low flame for 15- 20 min 
  • Let the cake cool down.
  • Enjoy this healthy oatmeal dessert recipe.

4. How to cook Oatmeal for Breakfast : Oatmeal handvo recipe by Ritu Mendiratta
When it comes to experimenting with recipes with oat flour, Ritu would top the list! This handvo recipe is an example.
5.  Oats Moongdal Tikki by Ritu Mendiratta

Oatmeal snacking idea!

6. Oats upma by Ritu M.
Another easy and healthy breakfast recipe with oatmeal comes from Ritu's treasure trove.

Looking for a healthy dessert with oatmeal? Then this oatmeal cake recipe is for you.

8. Vermicelli Oats Idli by Ritu M.

This is one oatmeal recipe that you would want to try again and again.

11. Oatmeal sweet recipe: Coconut-oats burfi by Ritu M.

12. Fusion of north and south by Deepti Aggarwal - Oatmeal recipe for breakfast
Wash n grind ½ cup mixed pulses like lal masar,moong dhuli,urad dhuli,arhar to a fine flowing batter using water
Grind ½ cup oats to powder n add to this batter
Add two spoon rice powder (i always keep this at home),two spoon suji
Add more water if needed to spread it easily on tawa 
Add salt,green chillies,finely chopped curry leaves,mustard seeds,jeera,finely chopped capsicum,cabbage,tomato,onion
Apply oil on hot non-stick tawa,spread d batter like a chila
Cook on low flame
Once d upper surface is done, flip d side n cook till done

Serve hot with any sauce or chutney....I prepared curry leaves ki chutney.. For chutney, dry roast half cup peanuts(without red husk),add half cup desiccated coconut....wen cooled,grind to a paste after adding half cup curry leaves,tamarind water,salt,green chillies......crackle some mustard seeds in one spoon oil n garnish d chutney...can be relished with any dosa,idli or uttapam

 12. Healthy oatmeal recipe: Cookies by Deepti Aggarwal
#Oats cookies#almond cookies#healthy snacks
  • Soaked n peeled 15-20 almonds n dry roasted them.
  • Grind one cup oats to make oatmeal
  • Add half cup besan, half cup whole wheat flour,1/4 spoon baking powder, pinch of baking soda.....sieve them together twice
  • Grind d roasted almonds, and add this and one spoon almonds,elaichi, magaz powder,three spoon sugar,two spoon desi ghee,two spoon cooking oil,two spoon curd n whisked together
  • Add two three spoon milk gradually so dat d material cud take form of a thick chapati....But it was nt dough.....cut in shapes with cookie cutter.....
  • Pre heat OTG for ten minutes at 180 degrees.....greased baking tray....set d cookies at some distance from each other...baked fr 15 minutes at 180 degrees....yummy cookies ready....gobbled up with evening tea immediately.

13. Oat banana muffins by Deepti Aggarwal
Dry roast half cup oats n grind these n 10 marie biscuits into fine a mixer,take two ripe bananas,10-12 almonds,half cup milk n blend to a paste.....mix to d powder n keep aside for 10-15 minutes........add ¼ spoon baking powder,choco chips to it...add more milk if required batter should be thick like idli batter......grease digs of heated appa patra n put this batter in them.....keep on low flame....flip n let bake till done from all sides......enjoy d goodness of banana with oats,almonds n chocolate....i bet,u can’t stop at just one 

14. Oats spinach parantha by Geeta Sachdev

  1. Dry roast oats 
  2. grind n mix in wheat flour along with dhania (coriander) leaves, grated ginger, dry masala as per taste and make a soft normal dough with water
  3. Take a small portion of dough and make a ball.
  4. For filling, take fresh leaves of palak bathua or methi 
  5. Wash n chop 
  6. Saute in tempered oil of heeng, jeera,
  7. Add 1 tb sp curd 
  8. Cook till all water evaporates 
  9. Mix crumbled paneer dry masala as per taste
  10. Roll parantha ..apply little oil filling of required consistency
  11. Combine the edges n again roll d parantha with the help of dry flour ..
  12. Cook n roast on non stick tawa
  13. Sprinkle oil roast from both sides
  14. Serve with butter, juice, or curd




  1. Grease the baking tin vd 1tsp butter or oil then dust flour n keep it aside
  2. Lay a bed of salt in the cooker n place cooker's net plate remove the whistle n gasket of the cooker
  3. Heat grated apple n sugar in a sauce pan till melt the sugar completely to make a fine sauce let it cool completely n transfer it in a bowl
  4. Start to preheat the cooker now 
  5. Whisk curd n butter together n keep it aside too
  6. ln the separate bowl add whole wheat flour biscuits powder oats powder along vd bs n bp
  7. Now in the bowl of apple sauce add vanilla essence then curd mixture n mix gently n also put half quantity of tuti fruti in it n dust vd flour to the rest of tuti fruti
  8. Now add slowly dry ingredients in to the wet ingredients 
  9. Mix n fold everything with a spatula slowly n gently .
  10. Pour the batter into the greased baking tin
  11. Top it with dusted tuti fruti 
  12. Place the tin in preheated cooker close the lid bake it for 45 minutes or until the skewer inserted comes out clean.
  13. Let it be in the cooker fr 5 mins then cover the tin vd plate turn it n again transfer the cake in the other plate 
  14. Let it cool down.Cut into pieces once it is totally cooled.

This is one oatmeal recipe that will surely delight you and tempt the taste buds of your family. A perfect substitute to cream, oatmeal has entered our gravy world as well, thanks to Ritu's ingenious tricks.

17. Dal n oats chilla by Geeta Sachdev

1/2 bowl mung dhuli dal
1/6 bowl Ural dhuli dal
1/6 bowl masur dhuli dal
1/6 bowlchana dal
1/4bowl slightly soaked oats
  1. Grind all soaked( at least 2 hr) Dals here used over night soaked Dals .make a fine paste adjust wtr.keep it aside fr 15 mins .den add salt lal mirch n garam masala per taste
  2. Spread evenly over hot nonstick pan roast till golden brown frm lower side of chilla drizzle sum oil 
  3. Den flip it n roast fr few mints 
  4. Spread grated paneer over it.sprinkle chat masala fold it n serve hot vd chuteny or ketchup

19. Oats Pancakes /chilla by Geeta Sachdev - another healthy oatmeal recipe
Pan cakes /chilla
1/2 bowl besan 
2 tbsp oats 
1tbsp rawa/suji
1tbsp curd 
1tb sp grated ginger +chopped green chillies
1tbsp chopped coriender +mint 
1tbsp finely chopped beans n capsicum or veg per choice
1to 2 finely chopped onion 
1chopped tomato 
Salt ,red chilli ,garam masala lil ajwain per choice 
Pinch soda 
  • In a bowl mix all ingredients except salt baking soda n tomatoes vd required water to make lil thick consistency of batter ..
  • Keep it aside fr 1/2an hr 
  • At the tym of making add salt n bs mix in batter adjust water to make pouring consistency 
  • Grease the pan or non stick tawa
  • 1tbsp of batter in each circle of pre heated pan or on tawa 
  • After 2 to 3 mins when the lower side gets brown roasted color place chopped tomatoes vd few drops of oil over chillas ..
  • Flip all carefully n let dem roast n cook fr another 2to 3 mins
  • Again flip n transfer dem in a plate 
  • Serve hot vd chutney , sauce n salad
Who else can think of oats sprouts tikki than Ritu? If you are still wondering how to prepare oatmeal for breakfast or lunch or snack, then do not forget to check this recipe.

24. Oats chutney by Geeta Sachdev
Wondering how to cook oatmeal for breakfast? Well, Geeta Sachdev has come up with this innovative oatmeal recipe that you may want to try out.

oats coconut chutney vd peanut crunch
1/2 bowl peanuts roasted n plain (removed skin)
1/2 bowl desiccated coconut or fresh grated
1/4bowl oats roasted
1/4bowl curd
2 srings of chopped curry leaves
1 tb sp grated ginger
1 or 2 green chillies or per taste
Black salt plain salt n roasted jeera 1 tsp each or per taste
Juice of 1 lemon 
Water fr mixing
Fr tempting
1tsp oil 
2dried red chillies
1 tsp mustard seeds
  • Arrange all the ingredients first
  • Then grind peanuts vd lil water
  • Then grind again vd all the ingredients n curd too ..
  • Adjust water to make it smooth 
  • Transfer it in to a bowl 
  • Fr tempting
  • Heat oil splutter rai n chillies
  • Pour over to paste
  • Garnish vd coriander leaves

250 gms curd
1/4 bowl chopped apples
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp cooked oats
1 tbsp rose syrup diluted in lil milk
1 tbsp chilled milk
1 tbsp grounded sugar 
1 tbsp shredded soaked n peeled almonds
1 tsp fruit jam 

Place the curd in a lined piece of muslin over a strainer on a deep vessel

N tie it up to make a bundle to hang for 2to3 hrs till it becomes v thick and you 'll get very thick yet creamy dahi 

Transfer it in a bowl n keep it in the refrigerator for around 4 to 5 hrs 

Add 1tbsp of honey in thick curd mix 
then add 1tsp of cooked oats mix
then add 1tbsp of rose syrup /roohofza mix 
then add1tbsp of chilled milk or lil more to adjust the consistency of srikhand 
Add 1 tbsp of grounded sugar if needed mix properly
At last add 1/2 tsp elaichi n 1/2 tsp rose essence n mix 

Pour rose syrup in to the glass frm all sides
Then put few pieces of apples
Then pour shrikand 
Garnish vd shredded almonds n sm piece of jam 

Again keep it in refrigerator fr few mins 
Serve chilled.

26. Masala buns with oatmeal twist by Geeta Sachdev
Take 1tsp dry Active yeast n 1tsp sugar mix in 1/4 bowl of luke warm milk stir n keep it in warm place fr frothing after 5 to 10 mins take it out ..may be it 'll take more than 10 mins in rainy or cold weather so only use full frothy yeast 
In a big bowl or parat take 
1/2bowl wheat flour
1/2bowl chana aata /black gram flour
1/3 bowl powdered oats
1/8bowl powdered flax seeds/alsi ke beej
1/4 bowl Luke warm water
1tbsp dried fenugreek leaves /kasuri methi
1tbsp oregano or can take dried pudina or any other herbs of ur choice
2 tsp salt 
1tsp l mirch 
1tsp garam masala
1tsp ajwain
1tsp roasted jeera
1tbsp oil
1tbsp curd
Sieve all the flours n ..use the choker/ remaining part of sieved flours fr face pack don't throw it ..mix milk or curd acc to ur skin n aply on ur face ..this is a beauty tip 
Mix all the ingredients n add yeast mix n rub all n make a soft dough vd water knead it well fr good 5 to 10 mins
Add 1tbsp butter to through to avoid stickiness
Now collect the dough n place it in a greased bowl
Apply lil oil.n cover it vd cloth n keep it in warm place fr fermentation fr 2 to 3 hrs
It 'll be double in size after 2tk 3 hrs
Then punch n knead it again softly
Then roll it in to log cut it in to 6 pieces
Make balls n place them over greased baking tray n let them ferment fr 30 to 60 mins
After fermenting apply milk over the buns
Then bake them fr 20 to 25 mins in. a pre heated oven or till they get lovely brown colour apply butter n serve garma garam

27. HEALTHY OATS SOUP by Geeta Sachdev
This is an amazing recipe from Geeta di. Looking for ways to prepare oatmeal for breakfast or dinner? Then this is a perfect recipe for you!

For 2 bowls 
1small onion chopped finely
2  carrots cut into small pieces
1/4 bowl peas 
2tbsp oats 
1tbsp roasted melon seeds 
1tbs 3g paste {ginger garlic green chilli }
1tbsp butter
2 cloves ..4to5 black pepper crushed ..1/4tsp dalchini pwd .1sm p bay leaf ..1tsp .roasted jeera pwd 
Dhania leaves fr garnishing 
Salt per taste
Water 1+1/2 glass 
Hw to make 
Blanch peas n carrots
Heat butter in a pan 
Fry bay leaf crushed cloves pepper n dalchini pwd 
Add ginger paste vd onions fry till light pink in colour
Mix n lil fry peas n carrots 
Add oats mix vd all ingredients 
Add salt vd water stir while cooking
Let it boil till desired thickness.
Off d gas pour into bowls
Sprinkle jeera pwd 
Place melon seeds over it 
Garnish vd dhania leaves 
Serve hot

28. Mango Flavoured OatMeal Srikhand By Geeta Sachdev
Wow is the word for this oatmeal recipe from Geeta di's kitty.

1/2 kg yogurt
1cup of sugar p
1tbsp cardamom p 
1 cup mango pulp
½ cup cooked oats
10-15 almonds & cashews nuts sliced
1tbsp fruit jam
1 place the curd in a piece of muslin n tie it up to make a bundle
2 hang fr 2to3 hrs till it becomes v thick
3-transfer the thick yogurt to a bowl add sugar add c.p and mix it well till smooth 
4- mix mango pulp into cooked oats. stir the mixture in to d yoghurt n mix well 
5-place mango pulp or mango pieces at d bottom of a serving glass then pour creamy mango srikhand 
6- garnish vd nuts n any flavoured jam
7- refrigerate at least 1 hr before serving 

30. Lauki kulfi oats kulfi# by Deepti Aggarwal
Healthy oatmeal recipes aren't yet over. We still have a long list of oatmeal food experiments.

1/2 ltr milk
Two spoon dry roasted oats
250 gm gourd ( lauki)
One cup condensed milk
Almond,moti elaichi,Char magaz,pista grounded together 
One cup malai(optional)
Boil milk n let it thicken on low flame...meanwhile,grate n boil lauki (this minimises d risk of spoiling milk due to juices of lauki)...wen quantity of milk is reduced to 3/4,add boiled lauki,dry roasted oats to it.....keep stirring......Nw add condensed milk,dry fruit.....once thick custard like is reached,turn off d flame....let it cool.....give a churn in blender so dat no pieces are left....pour in kulfi moulds.....enjoy wn set...can add rose petals or rooh afza or thandai

Whether you like oatmeal or not, this healthy oatmeal recipe idea is a must try. Ritu certainly tempts me into trying this recipe with oatmeal, though the mango season is over now. I will certainly give this homemade oatmeal recipe a try when the mango season knocks at our doors.

I am sure Ritu has already impressed you with her love for oatmeal and food experiments with this healthy cereal grain. If you would like to explore more of Ritu's homemade oatmeal recipes, do not forget to visit her oatmeal recipe collection.

If you are looking for more inspiration as to how to prepare oatmeal for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even snacks, then do not forget to check over 50 oatmeal recipes - yes, these are my own experiments with oat flour.

healthy oatmeal recipe benefits
oatmeal recipe collection 


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