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Do Chia Seeds Induce Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

 Well, it's not for nothing that these tiny black pearls have emerged as a superfood in the fast-advancing world of today. but chia seed is no magic bullet to induce weight loss. no doubt, chia seeds are a super nutritious food - aka superfood - but their role as weight loss agents is debatable. 

there are not too many studies or research papers to validate the claims that chia seeds for weight loss work. if you are starting on a chia seed diet to lose fat and weight, think again. chia wont do you the favors of fat loss.

They are rich in protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals.

 Chia is known by different sobriquets: 

  • “the seed of the 21st century”
  •  “new gold”
  •  “superfood” 
  • “super nutrient” 
  • ω-fatty acid (omega) powerhouse

half of the world's population singing chia seed weight loss songs does not even know how to eat these black pearls.

there's a right and wrong way to do so!

what's that?let's see

A mineral powerhouse

K (potassium) 0.726 g/100 g

Mg 0.449 g/100 g

Phosphorus 0.919 g/100 g

CA 631 g/100 g

How to activate chia seeds?

When you mix chia seeds in water, these tiny pearls will stick and absorb liquid , but there's a way to activate these seeds first. throwing them in a glass full of water could leave many of these black seeds raw despite being in water. they need to be activated first in order to swell in size. unless you activate them by mixing 1 tbsp of chia seeds with 3 tbsp of water first, you wont get the benefits. after mixing these proportions, wait for a few minutes for the seeds to become blob-like. they will stick to each other. now you must add 3 tbsp  more water and stit these black pearls again. wait for 10 minutes more. bus ji ho gaya. now you can mix the gel-like substance in a glass full of water. stir well so that all of the seeds get soaked . you may want to let them soak in water for at least 30 minutes or 5-6 hours to derive their maximum benefits. i always prefer the longer soaking time.

what if you don't soak chia seeds in water?

 well, in that case, chia seeds will absorb  water in your GI tract. OMG!!! Remember how they looked when we stirred 1 tbsp in 3 tbsp of water? as a result, you run the risk of an intestinal/GI tract blockage. this is dangerous folks!!!

How Much Chia Seed Should Be Eaten?

When should you eat chia seeds?
well, research reveals that chia seeds are better absorbed as part of the meal. they have viscous fibers that provide maximum benefit when consumed with food. eating them as part of a large meal really helps unlock the immense chia seeds potential and benefits.

Chia seeds are good food. but they are calorie-rich and fiber dense. Including more than the daily need for fiber in your diet can cause all sorts of digestive issues. So there is a recommended dosage for everyone. On an average, you should not take more than 1.5-2 tbsp of chia seeds. you can take this amount 2 times a day but not more than that. now you can divide this dosage and distribute soaked chia seeds for intake all through the day.

Does chia seed reduce belly fat?

Here is a paragraph stating that chia seeds do not help with weight loss on their own and should be eaten more for their nutritional benefits:
While chia seeds have many health merits thanks to their stellar nutritional profile, there is little evidence that chia seeds themselves specifically promote weight loss or fat burning. 
Many people mistakenly believe eating chia seeds alone will magically shed pounds or belly fat. In reality, no single food item can do the work for you or compensate for poor lifestyle habits - chia seeds included. Rather than viewing chia as some miracle solution for the battle of the bulge, they are better utilized when incorporated into an already balanced diet and active lifestyle. Chia's perks stem more from prolonging hydration, easing digestion, providing sustained energy, and conferring protein, antioxidants and omega fatty acids. These nutrients optimize health versus targeting weight control directly. 
For sustainable fat loss, what matters most is an enduring commitment to being in a moderate calorie deficit through mindful eating patterns, reducing processed foods, and gradually increasing physical activity. While sprinkling some chia into your routines as a nutritional booster is great, have realistic expectations about any superfood’s impact unless dietary and fitness habits also evolve for the better long-term.

Do chia seeds need to be ground to absorb nutrients?

No, you do not need to grind chia seeds to powder. But there is no harm in doing so either. 

Can I take chia seeds after meal? 

Well, as mentioned already, it is better to take chia seeds as part of a larger meal. That might help lower blood sugar levels due to their slower absorption in the body.  

Can you take chia seeds if you have high blood pressure?

Well, chia seeds have blood pressure lowering properties. They do that job fairly well and can help you manage blood pressure naturally. But if you are on bp lowering medication or taking pills for hypertension, please avoid chia seeds as they may lower your bp further. talk to your doctor if you can take 1 tsp of chia seeds daily for other chia seeds benefits.

Are chia seeds better soaked or dry?

 Soaking helps unlock the immense chia seeds potential. Eating chia seeds raw may put your health in danger. Reserach reveals that you maximize the chia seeds benefits by soaking. So now you know how to reap their numerous nutrients.

Soaking chia seeds also helps in releasing enzyme inhibitors that make absorption difficult for the body. these enzyme inhibitors or anti-nutrients bind to minerals and don't let the body absorb them fully. 

Can soaked chia seeds cause blockage?  Does Eating Too Many Chia Seeds Cause Side Effects?
No,  chia seeds should not cause blockage as long as you activate them first and take only the recommended dosage. 
However, please do not add chia seeds in the diets of infants who have difficulty swallowing such type of gelatinous stuff. It might become a choking hazard.

Do chia seeds cause inflammation?

Chia seeds are known for their omega 3-rich profile, which makes them an excellent addition to your anti-inflammatory diet. If you are looking for anti-inflammatory foods, go for chia seeds and flax seeds as they pack a powerful punch of omega 3 fatty acids. Research reveals that chia seeds oil has an anti-inflammatory effect on subjects suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and obesity. 

Fat Loss

studies show "reduction in the thickness of visceral adipose tissue was observed in rats consuming chia seeds." Weight loss and loss of waist circumference have been notable changes observed in subjects.

Besides, chia seeds are believed to help with the reduction of intrahepatic fat in people suffering from no-fatty liver alcoholic disease. 

Another research study finds that chia seed oil does not induce weight loss but it has other health benefits.


Subjects on a diet containing chia seeds, also known as S. hispanica, benefit from lower blood levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, and very-low-density lipoprotein. The same subjects show improved HDL levels.

Lowers postprandial glycemia

 Chia seeds are known to reduce postprandial glycemia in subjects. what is PG? it means high blood sugar levels after meal, which can lead to serious health problems.  It calculates how your body responds to sugar and starch post-meal. 

Research finds 

How do you lower postprandial glycemia? 

A meal rich in fat and carbohydrate slows gastric emptying. As a result, there is a slow release of glucose into the blood, which lowers GI. 

On the other hand, combining protein with carbohydrate reduces postprandial glycemia.

How to eat chia seeds?

Chia seeds are best used raw in water.

Research finds that heating chia seeds for a longer period of time might raise the risk of acrylamide formation along with other chemicals.

The chia seeds study quotes," Results indicate that the use of chia seeds as ingredients in new cereal-based formulations would improve the nutritional profile but also increase the occurrence of chemical process contaminants."


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