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Easy Tomato Carrot Cake With Oats Recipe | Oatmeal Cake Recipe With Tomatoes

You have got to be a health freak to think differently. Perhaps you have got to have the willingness to go to any extent to include different healthy ingredients in your diet. As far as I am concerned, I experiment with a number of ingredients so that I can come up with a healthy recipe that clicks with one and all. This eggless tomato carrot cake recipe with oats is one such example. You might wonder how a tomato cake would taste. Well, if you trust my recipes and believe my words, then this eggless cake recipe is a must try - for its sheer taste, health quotient, and eye-popping color. All plus points and no negatives of course. When I came across this idea of tomato cake, I started looking for similar recipes. Glad that I found lovefoodeat  blog that had experimented with a tomato cake. Then it was no stopping me and I entered the experimental kitchen lab again with my tomato carrot cake idea. tomato cake This airfryer recipe was a hit at my home. My brother and bhabhi w

Eggless, Butterless, Sugarless Cake With Millets: Gluten Free Option for Vegans

Eggless, sugarless, butterless cake with millets is how the title reads. You might be surprised whether this is a gluten-free cake with millets. Are you wondering whether it is a vegan cake recipe? Well, I wish I could give you the perfect vegan recipe. eggless chocolate cake with honey sugarless butterless gluten free Call it a diet cake or a sugarless bake, this eggless honey cake is a must try right away! If you have a baked beauty on your mind, give this sugarless butterless cake a try. On top of it, you need no fancy ingredients to bake a marvel in your oven or airfryer. I call it an airfryer cake as well, apart from my diet cake version. This eggless ragi cake is butterless is a gluten -free cake uses millets does not use dairy is light on the tummy is close to being a vegan cake does not come with a sugar overload - well, it is a sugarless cake -perhaps it is a honey cake, so I cannot claim it to be a vegan cake recipe.Nevertheless, substitute honey wit

Sfouf: Lebanese Turmeric Cake Eggless Spiced With Ginger

The yellow cake, as I call Sfouf, is a golden baked beauty from Lebanon. The Lebanese turmeric cake is bursting with the subtle flavors of ginger and honey, brimming with the goodness of aniseed or fennel, and spiced with the anti-inflammatory turmeric, which gives it an intense golden hue. lebanese turmeric cake You will love everything about this turmeric cake, because it uses no sugar uses no artificial ingredients uses anti-inflammatory ginger uses anti-allergic, antibacterial, antiviral turmeric replaces sugar with honey is extremely light is quick to make is butter free is dairy free and sans white flour or maida eggless sfouf -the turmeric cake So what inspired me to bake Sfouf -the Lebanese turmeric cake  ? Well, the first time I saw this eggless semolina cake shared in a food group was a couple of years back. The use of turmeric in a cake was new to me. So it attracted my interest. Ever since this eggless cake has been on my mind, but I have be

Steamed Sugar-Free Eggless Cake With Lentils

Do you remember my eggless lentil cake with chocolatty flavor? Today, I bring to you another sugar-less lentil cake, sweetened with fiber-rich dates. I like everything about this eggless cake because it is one guilt-free indulgence you would want to relish time and again. moist urad dal cake choclaty lentil cake eggless A guilt-free treat is all about healthy eating, isn't it? You can indulge in food and have it happily, without worrying about calories and fats. But you must have everything in moderation. sugar-free cake wit hlentils eggless EGGLESS CAKE lentils Ever tried a lentil cake? What about eggless, sugar-free baking? This healthy eggless lentil cake is my take on guilt-free indulgence. You will love every bite and feel like indulging in more. The steamed cake is one guilt-free treat for your whole family, for it is steamed, uses lentils, is sugar free, and is a little chocolatty. Who would  not want to grab a piece of this healthy pie?

How To Make Eggless Vegan Lentil Cake: A Flourless, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baked Beauty

Vegan, eggless, flour-less, gluten-free, sugar-free. What more could you ask for in a cake recipe? Easy, yummy, and healthy - perhaps this is how I describe this dark beauty, which is just waiting to be devoured. Na, wait a minute! Do not you want the vegan cake recipe? What is it that makes this eggless dark beauty vegan? Or let me put it in other words - what is it that makes this eggless chocolate cake so yummy? eggless lentil cake vegan I said flourless, what does that mean? Wondering how can a cake be flourless? Well, read further. There are too many secrets to be unraveled here. the first glimpse of the complete vegan lentil cake without frosting vegan lentil cake eggless tastes and looks good  What more now? You must be wondering. Well, perhaps, this eggless vegan cake is unique because it: uses lentils uses lentil puree uses no dairy uses no sugar uses nuts uses all the healthy ingredients on earth grainfree lentil cake sugarfree look at

Suji Cake in Cooker: Eggless Semolina Cake Recipe

Like me, if you, too, try to avoid refined flour/all-purpose flour, or maida in your recipes, then you surely look for healthy ingredients. Baking with healthy grains can help you inch close to your health goals, if not meet them. After all, processed food is not the healthiest choice. Nevertheless since all of us are too fond of eggless cakes, we can substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones to bake a healthy treat for the kid in us. Of course, these healthy bakes will tempt the taste buds of your kids too. This eggless suji cake recipe is another healthy treat for your tiny tots. suji cake in cooker recipe It's a constant battle to rasie a healthy kid in this world where there is an influx of unhealthy choices all around. Do you also believe that the market is flooded with junk that you do not want your fussy eaters to indulge in? Perhaps your picky eaters will fall in love with these healthy semolina cake if done right. A few years ago, I had no idea how to

Eggless Wheat Cake Rusk

eggless cake Eggless whole wheat cakes are a favorite with everyone. I am no exception. But cakes or any bakes aren't the healthiest food choices. Nevertheless, it is always better to bake eggless atta cakes at home and that too using the healthiest of ingredients for guilt-free snacking. This time I wanted to bake a wheat cake for a double delight, since I was craving for biscottis - the double baked beauties. So I started with my baking experimentation, taking no recipe as my reference. Glad, I was able to do so successfully. Here I come with an eggless atta cake and cake rusk no egg. biscotti/eggless wheat cake rusk Ingredients 1 cup- multi-grain flour (or you may take whole wheat flour) 1/2 cup-milk powder 1/4 cup-cornmeal (makki atta - optional) 3 tbsp- oil 2 tbsp- butter/ghee 1/4 cup- condensed milk (optional - you may take milk instead) 3/4 cup- curd 1 tsp- baking powder 1/2 tsp- baking soda Pistachio and nuts - powdered or chopp

How To Make Eggless Whole Wheat Cake With Almond Butter, No Egg

This is another of my experiments with baking with whole grains. Perhaps you have seen me experiment a lot with almonds. You have also seen my cookie experiments with almond butter. This time I have come up with an almond butter cake with whole wheat. If you have been wondering how to make eggless whole wheat cake with almond butter, then this recipe may come in handy. Since my almond butter banana ice cream experiment was a hit, my hands have been itching to include almond butter in my bakes. This was the perfect day for another experiment. almond butter cake with whole wheat flour The whole wheat cake without egg is going to be a hit in your family. We loved this eggless cake, bursting with almond butter flavor. I am sure the whole wheat cake recipe won't disappoint you either. The best thing about this baked beauty is that you can experiment with flavor - add either bournvita to tempt the taste buds of kids or include coffee for flavor for elders. All in al

Eggless Atta Cake: Gur, Ginger Cake With Whole Wheat

how to cook gingerbread cake Baking with whole grains can be addictive, especially if you love cakes. If you spice it up with ginger, you get a delicious spicy cake with atta. Oh yea - a ginger cake. This is a simple gur gingerbread cake with whole wheat. Call it atta cake or ginger cake, it is bursting with flavors from roasted nuts and spiced up with ginger juices. Yes, the cake does not use sugar, substituting it with jaggery powder. For a spicy twist, I have added ginger. It works as a tea cake. You may make a dense ginger cake with just 4 key ingredients - eliminate milk, curd, and oil from the recipe and replace them with clarified butter to make a dense tea cake that everyone will love. But mine is a healthier and lighter version of tea cake with ginger. eggless gingerbread cake with whole wheat Eggless Ginger Cake Ingredients wheat - 1 cup suji/semolina- 1 tbsp Oatmeal- 2 tbsp (optional) Ghee/butter- 2 tsp Oil-3 tsp (you may substitu

Semolina Recipe: Suji Cake on Stovetop

suji cake eggless Looking for semolina recipes Indian? You have come at the right place. Here I present before you eggless semolina cake recipe. Suji (semolina) cakes have become one of my favorite eggless cakes. This simple suji cake recipe tastes great with a mish mash of nuts and coconut. Try it for once and you will relish every bite of this yummy no sugar cake. semolina cake Semolina Cake Ingredients 1 cup- Suji 1 cup- yogurt/curd (I used curd) 1 tbsp- milk 3 tbsp-ghee (clarified butter) 1/4 tsp- baking soda 1/2 tsp- baking powder 1/2 cup- jaggery (or sugar as per your taste) 1 tbsp- Roasted sesame seeds (til) Almonds, walnuts or nuts of your choice 1/2 tsp- oil for greasing 1/4 cup- fresh/dry coconut Suji Cake Process Take suji. Add curd and milk. Next add powdered jaggery or gur. Or add sugar if you are using sugar. Set aside for one hour. Grease a baking pan with oil and sprinkle sesame seeds in the pan. Keep aside,  Take

Eggless Whole Wheat Orange Cake in Cooker No Sugar

eggless wheat cake Wondering how to make cake from wheat flour? Well, I tried this eggless whole wheat cake on New Year. The wheat cake turned out soft & yummy. Taking my healthy cooking spree further, this whole wheat cake without sugar comes as a reward for my efforts toward healthy eating. On top of it, this atta orange cake, as its name suggests, is bursting with the aroma of orange, from the addition of orange juice and zest. Of course, I never say baked goodies, such as cookies and cakes, are healthy. But yes, when you want to indulge in these goodies, why not choose healthier ingredients to raise their health quotient? So I always choose whole grains for my recipes, with no place for refined white flour or maida. cake recipe using whole wheat If you are looking for dessert recipes whole wheat flour, you will find a range of healthy whole grain recipes here. Orange Atta Cake Ingredients 1 cup- wheat flour 1/4 cup- besan 1 tbsp- roasted