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Simple, Tasty Quinoa Recipes

simple, tasty quinoa recipes
We have compiled quinoa recipes on this page. Do take some time to explore these quinoa recipes that are healthy, quick to process, and filling to keep you full for a good amount of time.

There is a lot of buzz about quinoa these days. Ever wondered why? Yes, the benefits of quinoa are immense and it is no surprise that you will instantly fall in love with this pseudocereal or pseudograin, which has gained widespread popularity as a super food among health freaks.

Quinoa: A Super Food?
Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidant phytonutrients, and fiber, quinoa (pronounced as keen-waa) is a complete protein, thanks to its excellent amino acid balance. Yes, quinoa recipes are a perfect way to get your protein serving.

With its notable vitamin E and omega-6 content, quinoa benefits health in more ways than one. It comprises flavonoids and polyphenols and is regarded as a neutraceutical, thanks to its high nutritional content. In simple words, neutraceutical is any product derived from plants with extra health benefits.

History of Quinoa: Recipes to Explore
The history of quinoa dates long back to 5,000 years. It was popularly known as mother grain by the Incas.

Do you think it is a challenge to eat healthy all the time?  But I do it pretty well, considering the amount of healthy recipes I prepare on a regular basis.

One of the simplest ways to ensure you are eating healthy is to substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones. Yes, it’s that simple! Yay!!

If you take a promise from yourself not to buy unhealthy ingredients from the grocery, next time you try to cook something, you won’t find a not-so-healthy ingredient in your pantry and would then have to substitute it with a healthy one in your recipe. Howzattt!!

I don’t buy maida/all-purpose flour/refined flour/white flour, since it gives you only empty calories, besides raising the risk of various ailments. So my funda is simple – you don’t buy things that pose a health threat and try substituting them with healthier ones!!

Here area few simple, tasty quinoa recipes that you might want to try. These healthy recipes with quinoa have been contributed by my group mates from Facebook.

Quinoa Substitutes

Do you know quinoa makes a great substitute to rice? With low GI, quinoa does offer you plentiful benefits than white rice. It is slowly digested in the body and does not raise blood glucose levels, unlike white rice.
Did I say quinoa for weight loss is a great idea that you would want to try. Why?
Because it is fiber rich!

Quinoa for Couscous
While couscous and quinoa make a healthy substitute to white rice, the latter is nutrient rich compared to the former and 100% gluten free.

Did you know quinoa is more protein rich than egg?

Quinoa for everyday cooking is a great choice. Realizing the quinoa benefits, the FAO declared 2013 as the Year of Quinoa.

Why should you include quinoa recipes in your weekly meal plans?

A recap of quinoa benefits:
Rich in :

  • nutrients
  • proteins
  • tocopherols - Vitamin E (not found in many other grains)
  • RDA nutrients (folates, phosphorus, zinc)
  • phytonutrients
  • flavonoids
  • anti-inflammatory nutrients

Quinoa Idlis

My first experiment with quinoa idlis was a huge success. The idlis were loved by one and all in the family.
quinoa idlis

1 cup- dry roasted and powdered quinoa
1 cup- semolina (suji)
1 cup- curd
water to make batter
I have used premade tadka for suji. You may add 1/2 tsp oil, add mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp chana dal, 1/2 tsp urad dal and a few curry leaves..allow these to splutter and then add semolina...roast it well.
pinch of turmeric (optional)
1/4 tsp- baking soda
1 carrot grated
Coriander leaves

How to make Quinoa Idli

Dry roast quinoa and powder it..
Mix both semolina and quinoa powder.
Add grated carrot.
Stir in curd and add little amount of water so that there is no dry flour visible.
Allow it to sit for 30 mts.
After that, add baking soda, salt, turmeric, and more water to reach idli batter consistency.
Add coriander leaves. Do not overmix.
Steam quinoa idlis.
I have followed OPOS technique for steaming idlis.
Pour idli batter in the wells of greased idli maker.
Cover and heat on high for 2 whistles.
Remove idlis upon cooling.
Enjoy nutty quinoa idlis. I love quinoa for its nutty flavor.

Quinoa vegetable pulao by Sangeeta Chandra

quinoa recipe by Sangeeta Chandra
Here is one simple, tasty quinoa recipe from a dear friend Sangeeta Chandra. 
  • Soak one cup quinoa in water for 10 minutes.
  • In a kahadai saute one chopped onion. 
  • Add fresh green peas. Cook till tender.
  • Add broccoli florets.
  • Saute for few minutes. 
  • Drain water from quinoa and add to the khadai.
  • Now add 2 cups of water and salt and garam masala. More masala can be added according to taste. 
  • More veggies can be added according to preferences. 
  • Cover and cook until all water is absorbed. Shall take approx. 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Switch off the flame and keep it covered for a few minutes. 
  • Now open and serve. 

Quinoa Recipe: Quinoa Upma by Madhu Agnani

Another tasty quinoa recipe from Madhu Agnani, who has a repertoire of healthy recipes.
quinoa recipe raita by Madhu Agnani

Pronounced as qui..n..wa..

Quinoa is power packed pseudo cereal , gluten free , rich in fiber n important minerals like iron , magnesium 

1. Quinoa grains ...1 cup
2. Veggies as per choice / availability ... (Beans carrots mushroom pre cooked) , bell peppers diced , onion chopped small 
3. Lemon 1 
4. Mustard seeds 1 tsp
5. Chana dal 1 tb sp pre soaked in water
6. Peanuts... 1 tb sp 
7. Coriander leaves n curry leaves ( I have used curry leaves powder )
8. Green chillies 2 
9. Salt , turmeric (optional 
10. Coconut powder or gratings 1 tb sp( optional ) 
11. Oil ..3 tsp 
12. Water 2 cups 

1. Boil quinoa in a pan .. Initially when water is boiled ,add raw grains n cook on very low heat for 15 min .let the grains sit for some time . Keep them covered
2. Heat oil in a non stick wok . Splutter Mustard seeds n green chillies n cover to prevent the out burst of chillies on your face . Add Chana dal after draining water n patting it dry , now add peanuts n sauté when done put onions n sauté till golden brown
3. Add veggies n sauté .Add quinoa n bell peppers n let it sit for some time 
4. Enjoy this with coconut chutney or any green chutney

QUINOA PUDDING by Madhu Agnani

If you are wondering how quinoa dessert tastes, ask Madhu Agnani, who has tried this foolproof recipe for you all.Enjoy another healthy quinoa recipe.
quinoa recipe pudding by Madhu Agnani

INGREDIENTS for quinoa pudding recipe

Quinoa ....1cup
Milk .....3n half cup 
Cinnamon ....a pinch 
Sugar....... Half to three quarter
Cardamom powder.....1/4 tsp
Some pistachios chopped 
Some fresh fruits kiwi , fruit candies chopped...papaya candies 

1. Boil 3 cups of water n add quinoa
2. Keep it at low heat n stir frequently 
3. Add cardamom powder ,cinnamon powder n after half done , sugar , pistachio 
4. It will take at least 30-40 min at very slow heat ...Keep off flame...let it sit for sometime 
5. The resulting taste is fantastic ..
6. Garnish....with fresh fruits n fruit candies 
7. Thank you all ...enjoy my innovation .

Quinoa Recipe: Healthy Quinoa Oats Dosa by Uma Srinivas

Here’s a recipe that is “Kid approved” and “Grandma Approved”. In other words, it is yummy and healthy. Healthy Quinoa Oats Dosa!

Quinoa Upma by Uma Shrinivas

Here is another interesting and healthylicious way to use quinoa. Of course, this makes a simple, taste quinoa recipe!

 I have had several trials of quinoa recipe combinations and today's recipe is one such creation.

one pot quinoa recipe by Uma Srinivasan

Quick and healthy Spicy Spinach Quinoa! by Uma Srinivasan

Looking for more healthy quinoa recipes? Well, this one may come in handy. Uma says, she loves everything quinoa. So here's another healthy bowl from her vegan kitchen.

Here's another must-try quinoa recipe by Sandhya RegeNadkarni

quinoa appam recipe by Sandhya
Here's nanother quinoa recipe from the kitchen of Uma Srinivas

Quinoa  Salad


  1. Thank you for adding my post. I love Quinoa more than anything! People should use more often:) Thank you dear.

    1. I am yet to try quinoa in any of my recipes. Let me get my hands on this little grain. Thank you for contributing the recipe. Keep me posted on more quinoa recipes.


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