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Sugarless Vegan Banana Atta Cake: Baking With Whole Grains

I experiment to share!
I experiment because I care!
I experiment to enrich lives!
I experiment to bring out positive vibes!
I experiment to change the "bland" notion associated with health!
I experiment so you can turn healthy baking hobby into wealth!

Mom and dad were here and they are not too fond of cakes. But I had 4 bananas staring at me- as they were 2 days old and I do not like the taste of "stale" bananas. Hey, I do not like baked bananas too - but with God's grace, my two banana cakes with whole wheat do not have an overpowering banana flavor. This atta cake is special because it includes a variety of ingredients - all healthy and delicious!
vegan atta cake with jaggery banana coconut

Let's come back to the eggless banana cake recipe with whole wheat.

Before that, I want to make it aptly clear that I am no cake expert, not even a baking professional. I have not learned nor tried to learn the baking basics still. My bakes thus far are the result of experiments and a number of failures. I still fail sometimes, but failures are the stepping stones to success, so I never consider a failure as a setback; rather,  my baking flops egg me on to experiment further.
atta banana cake dairy free 

I have never considered the flour to liquid ratio.
I measure ingredients as I go into a baking experiment - it's just like doing everything live without an idea what is going in.

Enough of self-criticism, isn't it?

Well, I just wanted to open myself up before you to make things clear that I am only experimenting with ingredients as I go along in my healthy baking journey.

Now let's come back to the vegan atta cake recipe without white sugar. This is a vegan cake best for people with dairy allergy or lactose insensitivity.
atta cake vegan sugarless with jaggery
No white sugar does not make it a diabetic-friendly recipe. There is more to diabetes than sugar alone - you have got to understand the entire concept of diabetes.

What's so special about this baked beauty?

  • it was another experiment with healthy ingredients
  • it is refined flour free
  • it does not use refined sugar (I do not buy white sugar any longer)
  • it uses no dairy, which makes it a vegan cake - perfect for those with lactose intolerance
  • it is bursting with flavors from tomato sauce, nutmeg (javitri), and cinnamon.
  • it is coconutty - though the coconut flavor is hiding behind something
Vegan banana coconut cake with whole wheat and homemade instant tomato sauce (sweetened with jaggery) Another experiment delivered a super soft, moist, eggless, dairy-free cake. The cake bursts with the flavor of Indian spices - nutmeg and cinnamon - to balance the "smell" of banana. Seriously, even I do not like how baked banana smells in cakes and cookies and try to hide its flavor with different ingredients. This time it was nutmeg, cinnamon, and desiccated coconut powder to hide the banana flavor. Happy with the result.


1 cup measures 235 ml 
1/4 cup- oil (I have sunflower oil)
1/4 cup- homemade tomato sauce (you may skip and add water instead, but it does lend unique flavor to the banana atta cake)
2 bananas
nutmeg, cinnamon
1/2 cup amaranth flour (you may add chickpea flour instead)
1 cup- whole wheat flour
7 tbsp- jaggery powder (more or less)
1/4 tsp- b.soda
1/2 tsp- b.powder
1/4 cup- water (or little more)
2 tbsp- tea concoction (optional/add water instead) - it was meant for my plants but I decided to use it for my cake experiment too (black tea steeped in water)
1/2 cup- coconut powder

How to make banana cake delicious with whole wheat, amaranth

Preheat the oven/convection to 170 degrees for 10 mts. If you are baking vegan atta cake in an airfryer, preheat your machine for 5 mts.
Keep a greased baking dish ready. You may choose to dust it with flour too.
Keep whole wheat flour, amaranth flour sieved 3-4 times ready in a bowl.
Take all the wet ingredients along with jaggery powder in a mixer/grinder jar. This includes oil, tomato sauce, bananas, water, tea concoction. Add nutmeg and cinnamon powder too and blitz for a few seconds until everything mixes well combined.
Throw in baking soda and baking powder in the wet mix. It will get frothy.
Stir in the flours little by little.
Add dry coconut powder too and fold gently until the batter looks well incorporated.
If it looks too thick, feel free to increase the amount of water by up to 1/4 cup-  yes, you may add water at this stage too. It won't be a too thin batter, but not too thick too.
Pour in the baking pan and sprinkle melon seeds or nuts or even choco chips on top. You may even top the cake with oats.
Bake for 35-40 minutes until a skewer or knife comes out clean.
Allow the cake to rest on a cooling rack until it cools down.
Do not slice the atta vegan banana cake before it has cooled down; else, it might crumble.
The banana cake vegan tastes absolutely delicious - so much so that my mom who is no cake lover fell for this one and had a few pieces. I had one slice of this yummy cake yesterday and reserved one for today.
When I bake cakes, I bake for experimentation purpose primarily. So most of my cakes are then distributed among our society guards and neighboring uncle. Sharing is caring!!! This serves two purposes -one, we do not eat too much of calorie-dense cakes; second, the cakes tempt the taste buds of the less fortunate ones.
Happy me!

PS: I have added cinnamon, nutmeg, and tomato sauce to hide the banana flavor. The idea to include tea concoction sprung upon me just like that. It can be skipped. I am unsure if it made any difference to the cake. But one thing is sure - there wasn't a dominating banana smell.

Like you, I, too, am no fan of baked banana. But this is my second banana cake and it doesn't smell of banana.

I am  happy to have come up with yummy banana bakes. Hope you, too, like it.


  1. Innovative bake as always Ravneet !! I mean tomato sauce in a cake ...must be a blast of flavors ! Banana , cinnamon, nutmeg, tea , tomato. Wow !!

    1. Indeed this vegan cake is a blast of flavors - a must try for health freaks caving for some sweet indulgence. Thank you, Poonam!

  2. A healthy and lovely cake! Surely worth a try. Thanks for sharing.


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