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Coffee Cookies Without Baking Powder, Soda | Gluten-Free Coffee Cookies | Healthy Cookie Recipe No Oven | Airfryer

If you love cookies, you are in for some magic.
If you love coffee, you will surely get passionate about it.
If you aren't a coffee lover (like me), you might want to try out more recipes with coffee brewed or not.

Is a loved one suffering from gluten allergy? Then this cookie without baking powder soda recipe is for you!
coffee cookies baking without baking powder/soda

So are you ready friends? What's so special about this batch of gluten-free coffee cookies is that it is another addition to my baking without baking powder, soda, self-rising flour series. What's even more special is that these are perfect tea-time treats for a gluten sensitive loved one. So are these coffee cookies only for gluten intolerant people out there?

coffee cookies gluten free sugar free
 Well, who cares?
In fact, all of us should indulge in some amount of millets too, for they are gluten-free and even healthier than whole grains.

amaranth cookies 

rice flour cookies gluten free without baking powder, soda
 The amaranth cookies use brown rice flour.As some of my previous rice cookie and cake experiments have shown, brown rice makes for a yummy baked beauty. On top of it, brown rice is full of fiber, proteins, and nutrients.

So what are you waiting for?

But if you can't find brown or black rice flour, you may either make it at home or substitute with plain rice flour (though it is primarily starch).

Why Did I Choose Brown Rice Flour?

Compared to white rice flour, which is primarily starch, brown rice is a highly nutritious grain that packs a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Whole grains, such as whole wheat flour, oats, and brown rice, are a complete package of nutrients that supply your body with required carbs, protein, fiber, and essential compounds, unlike refined flours that are literally stripped of their nutrients during the refining process.

Whole grains, such as brown rice flour, comprise all of the three elements that are essential to human health, including
Endosperm - Did you know the grain holds its protein, carbs, and some B vitamins in its inner part - the endosperm?
Bran - Have you heard that bran is the fiber-rich outermost layer of whole grain with a good amount of iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and B vitamins? There is some amount of antioxidants in bran. You can buy bran separately to add an extra amount of fiber to your meals.
Germ - Are you aware of the power that the grain's innermost layer packs? The germ is the innermost core that spurs the growth of the seed, which is packed with phytochemicals, vitamins, and healthy fats.

A Word on Fiber

Are you still wondering why you need to add brand and fiber to your diet?
Well, of course, to slow down glucose release in the blood and prevent blood glucose spike!

Besides, fiber helps keep your gut and digestive system clean, helping in the elimination of waste from the body.

So now you know why fiber is essential? To learn more about fiber benefits, check this.

Brown rice vs White rice: Which is Healthier

If you think it's the color alone that differentiates the two types of rice, then you need to dig deeper into this.
Well, it' the color that you choose when it comes to buying rice, but there is more to rice shopping than the color alone. What's that?

Let's see!
Refining, milling, and polishing remove most of the essential nutrients from a whole grain - be it rice or wheat.
When rice undergoes processing, it loses all of its essential compounds, leaving behind a polished white look - which is merely starch. Starch does your body more harm than good. It's one reason eating white rice has become a sin these days, because the starch only adds to the calories without giving you any nutrients.

Similarly, whole wheat processing and refining leaves behind maida -most commonly known as all-purpose flour/white flour- which is nothing but empty calories. So when it comes to buying grains, go for whole foods- say whole grain!

 Did you know those who eat whole grains (fiber rich) weigh less than those that indulge in refined flours? 
According to a study done by Harvard Medical School on Brigham and Women's Hospital and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, whole grains hold the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

In this 12-year-long study, weight gain of participants was inversely related to the intake of fiber-rich whole-grain foods. Rather, it was positively associated with the consumption of refined foods.

 The study summarizes that women on a whole grain-rich diet tend to weigh less than those that ate less fibrous food.

Amaranth Benefits

Nevertheless, amaranth cookies get their health tag from their abundance in nutrients. The earthy nutty flavored amaranth is packed with fiber, antioxidants, proteins, and micronutrients.
What's more, it is gluten-free and an excellent source of iron.

If you are low in hemoglobin, add amaranth to your daily diet, and you should be able to improve your blood count.

Manganese is another mineral found profoundly in amaranth. So if you are facing memory concentration problems, make amaranth a part of your regular diet, and the manganese in this pseudocereal will play a role in improving your brain function.

Antioxidants in amaranth protect you from harmful free radicals. There have been numerous discussions on how free radicals combine to make you vulnerable to cancer. So if you want to stay healthy with a strong immune system, focus on including millets and pseudocereals in your diet.

I make my own amaranth flour often by sprouting the seeds first.
Here's a complete video on sprouting amaranth and turning it into amaranth powder/flour.
homemade sprouted amaranth flour

I have made gluten-free amaranth granola bars that are packed with nutrients and free from refined sugar. Find the recipe here.

energy bars with amaranth

Let's come right into the coffee cookies recipe with amaranth and brown rice flour.
gluten flours

what is gluten free


1 cup=240ml

1/2 cup- amaranth flour/powder/rajgira atta
1/2 cup- brown rice flour or white rice (I have used brown rice powder)
2 tbsp- solid ghee (it's winter here, so I keep ghee outside, but in summers, I refrigerate ghee for cookie baking)
2 tbsp-olive oil (you may substitute with ghee /butter instead)
1 tbsp- thick curd or milk
1 tsp- coffee powder
1 tsp- hot water
1/4 tsp- black salt/common salt
2 tbsp sesame seeds
1/4-1/2 cup- jaggery powder (I have used 1/4 cup, as I like it less sweet, but since coffee tends to add bitterness, please feel free to add more jaggery) - check the video to find which is the best jaggery for baking cookies

How to make coffee cookies with amaranth, brown rice flour for baking without baking powder/soda series

Add hot water to coffee powder. Mix and keep aside.
Whisk together ghee, oil, and sifted jaggery until everything turns pale and creamy.
Next add coffee decoction and whisk for 1 minute.
Stir in curd and whisk again.
Throw in black salt and whisk for a few seconds.
Sift brown rice flour and fold the batter.
Sift amaranth flour in batches - fold and add.
This will help keep your cookies light.
DO NOT KEAD. It will be a loose dough.
You never need to knead cookie dough from my eggless cookie recipes.
Throw in sesame seeds. Mix.
Set aside covered for 10 minutes.
No need to refrigerate at this stage.
After 10 minutes, autolysis should have worked and the flour should have absorbed some amount of liquids.
Roll out into a thick chapati (2-3 times the thickness of chapati--should not be too thin nor too thick).
Cut cookies into different shapes/designs.
Place the coffee cookies unbaked on a floured tray and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Preheat the oven/convection/airfryer/otg for 10 minutes to 160 degrees. Airfryer can be preheated for 5 minutes alone.
Bake/airfry coffee cookies for 16 minutes at 160 degrees. Temperature settings may vary. But remember, amaranth cooks really fast.
So keep an eye on your amaranth cookies after 12 minutes.
Allow coffee cookies gluten free to cool down properly before munching on these crunchy delights.
Coming soon! Cookie baking tips for baking without baking powder/soda series. Stay tuned, friends. I will come with some cake recipes too without baking powder, soda, self-raising flour. I already have one on my blog.

eggless sponge cake without baking powder, soda, self-raising flour

Do you have a passion for coffee? Are you a cookie lover? What if we combine both to make coffee cookies gluten-free without baking powder, soda, or self-rising flour. Crunchy amaranth cookies are here to be relished. Trust my words or dig into the recipe and video to learn it all about baking without baking powder/soda. Are you ready to give these crunchy coffee cookies a try?


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