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Healthy Hummus Recipe Indian [homemade Oil-Free Hummus DIP Recipe By Satinder Wadhwa] CHICKPEA FLOUR RECIPES

Looking for an easy healthy hummus recipe Indian? This is a healthier version of homemade hummus dip by dearest Satinder Wadhwa. Enjoy the chickpea hummus recipe Indian with pita bread or bread of choice.  So let's explore how Mrs. Wadhwa, my bread queen, has prepared this veg hummus recipe Indian.
oil-free hummus recipe indian

Chickpea Benefits

Chickpea is the star ingredient in a healthy hummus recipe. The best thing is boiled chickpeas turn to paste like, which means you can make hummus without tahini too.

Chickpeas are packed with

Chickpeas can help improve digestion and keep your gut happy, thanks to its fiber overload.
These protein-rich legumes might be your key weapon in your weight management journey, as they create a feeling of fullness. This means you do not feel hungry too often.
As a result, there is a reduced risk of several diseases.
Packed with proteins, chickpeas are an excellent substitute to egg and meat in vegetarian and vegan diets.

Chickpea tofu is increasingly becoming popular these days. If you, too,. are interested to make tofu with chickpeas, check below:

Additionally, chickpea brine makes an excellent substitute to egg and cream in vegan recipes. 

Here's how to make chickpea aquafaba:

How to make easy hummus recipe Indian

Had made white channa for lunch, reserved a cup of boiled channa for hummus.
Boiled white chana 1 cup
Juice of lemon 1
Sesame seed butter 1tablespoon
Salt to taste
Garlic clove 1
Deseeded Green chilli 1

Blend all ingredients together in the chutney jar. Add chilled water to get the desired consistency.
Remove and sprinkle degi mirch and roasted cumin powder for a spicy hummus recipe Indian.
Enjoy it as a spread on pieces of bread or wraps.
Sesame seed butter
Roast 1/2 cup Sesame lightly. Cool. Grind in chutney jar at little intervals till well blended and creamy. Keep scraping it from the sides of the grinder till done.

A little about Satinder ji.

She is one of the most active women in my healthy recipes community, who actively participates in all events, experiments with zeal, tries out recipes, and comes up with amazing healthy bread recipes too.

I will be posting some of her whole grain bread recipes on mercuryimp. So stay tuned.

Here are more chickpea recipes:

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