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Oats Benefits FOR Heart, Weight Loss, Cancer Prevention| VEGAN LEMON CURD [HEALTHY OATMEAL DIP RECIPE]

I am crazy for oats since I started including these cereal grains in my diet. Does that mean oats taste so good that I cannot keep me from falling in love with them? Well, frankly, oats are completely bland in taste. Oats are a cereal grain loaded with soluble fiber. That means they keep you feeling full for longer, keeping a check on intermittent hunger pangs that often are to be blamed for guilty indulgence.
Here I will be talking about oats benefits and showing you the recipe to make a healthy oatmeal dip that is lemony and sweet. I call it vegan oats lemon curd or oats ki khatti meethi chutney. 

But before I share the vegan dips recipes, let us walk through some of the benefits of oats for health:

Choose Oats for a Healthy Heart 

The FDA suggests consuming 3 grams or more of β-glucan from oats or barley for a heart-healthy diet. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there is a lower risk of coronary heart disease in people whose daily diet includes at least 3 grams of beta-glucans.

Oats also contain antioxidant avenanthramides that are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties/ 
If you are looking for ways to include oats in healthy diet, I have hundreds of oats recipes on the blog and channel.
I am sharing a new vegetarian dip with oats below.
healthy oatmeal dip (lemon curd vegan recipe)

Control blood sugar spikes with oats

A modified diet with β-glucan from oats is believed to improve metabolic and anthropometric profiles in type 2 diabetic patients. That means diabetics with well-controlled sugar are at a higher advantage of deriving maximum benefits from oats in the form of lower body mass index, a larger reduction in hemoglobin A1c, and an increase in HDL-Cholesterol.

Besides, it is to be believed that oats benefits insulin sensitivity in overweight or obese patients. Patients with metabolic syndrome also report the same benefits from b-glucan consumption.

The vegan dip or oats lemon curd recipe is one of the ways to include oats in your healthy diet.

What is B-glucan?

The beneficial effects of oats on blood sugar, glycemia, and blood lipids are mainly credited to β-glucan. It is a soluble fiber, which ferments in the colon, though it does not decompose or cannot be absorbed in the small intestine.

Let's see how it works?
The β-glucan is believed to increase food viscosity and delay the emptying of gastric tract while lengthening intestinal transit time,. As a result, the absorption of nutrients is slowed down, enhancing satiety and fullness.

β-glucan is rich in magnesium and thus helps with muscle health. If you include this healthy oatmeal dip in your diet, it will give you the added benefit of calcium too from sesame seeds.

Beta-glucan can bind with bile juice and raise intestinal viscosity, which further reduces cholesterol absorption and raises fecal bile acid excretion.

Weight loss
If you suffer from joint and knee pain, chances are you are overweight. Shedding every single pound of excess calories and weight will reduce almost 4 pounds of pressure from your knees. 

How to Make Healthy Oatmeal Dip

So finally, it is time to share the vegetarian dips recipe with you all. One try will make you want to eat it again. Perhaps you ought to be a health freak to train your mind to eat healthy , fat free stuff.

This vegan lemon curd is different from the typical lemon curd recipes that you follow. The latter are packed with butter and egg while the former is a vegetarian dip or vegan dip recipe with oats.

I love the fact that I have got another way to include oats in my diet. It's been 4 years since oats have been a part of my everyday meals.

What about you?
How do you use oats?


1/4 cup oats powder
1 lemon
1 tbsp jaggery powder
a handful of dates (8-10) or raisins (optional)
2 pinches of turmeric 
2 pinches of clove or vanilla powder (for flavor or nothing at all)
You will love clove powder too if you do not have organic vanilla powder.
1 tbsp- sesame seeds
1 cup of water

How To Prepare vegan dip with oatmeal

Soak sesame seeds in 1 cup of water overnight.
Next day put seeds ad water into a blender or grinder and make sesame milk.
You may either use sesame milk for vegetarian dip recipe or use soaked sesame seeds and water.
Add oats to a grinder jar. 
Follow it by raisins or dates, clove powder, jaggery powder and turmeric.
Add sesame milk or soaked sesame seeds.
Grind to paste.
If it looks very thick. You may add more water. 
Next take zest of 1 lemon.
Squeeze lime juice and mix with the oats milk or paste.
Heat on medium flame until it starts to thicken - may take only 3-4 minutes to cook.
Pour into another container and enjoy the healthy oatmeal dip or vegan lemon curd without fat.

Oats Recipes Indian

oats mixture


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