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Indian Milk Cake Kalakand Recipe WIth Milk, Jaggery [NO Condensed Milk] Diwali Sweet Recipes

 Now that the festival season is here and our favorite festival is knocking on our doors, we all want to try out healthy diwali sweet recipes? What better way to mark the festivities than make healthy sweets at home. At least you have the guarantee of purity here. Given the amount of adulteration in the indian sweet market during festival time, it is a rational decision to make your diwali sweets at home.

easy kalakand recipe with milk jaggery, no condensed milk

Milk cake or kalakand with jaggery Rich, decadent, crumbly, and sweet, milk  cake is a favourite with most of us in India. But it is loaded with calories, fat, and sugar. After all, it comes together only after milk is reduced to bits and pieces as shown in the picture. Those grits are the hallmarks of this rustic Indian sweet named kalakand. Since it's festival time and we don't buy sweets, i decided to experiment with kalakand. Being homemade with the best ingredients, i call it a healthier alternative to store-bought meethai. I made this decadent sweet with 1 liter of milk and jaggery. 

True, you don't need anything else to make kalakand at home, except the curdling medium ( dahi, lime juice or vinegar). Making milk cake at home takes at least one hour. But it's a labor of love that you are tempted to attempt for your love for this rich Indian sweet. 

If you too love this rustic treat from north India, then try making it at home this Diwali. There's nothing like homemade stuff. You know what has gone in. I have shared half of these pieces with my maid as always because it's better to watch your portions instead of indulging in guilty eating. I make a lot of things for my followers but it's a practice to distribute it to my maid's kids. I am not a foodie but a health freak who has complete control over herself and guilty Indulgence is not in my dictionary.

If you love milk cake, then this easy Kalakand recipe with milk and jaggery from scratch might interest you. Unlike thousands of kalakand recipes online, this indian milk cake recipe uses simplest ingredients. You need only milk and jaggery to be precise, though you may add flavor of choice and even include any nut powders to raise the nutritional value of this traditional indian sweet recipe for diwali.

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How to make easy indian milk cake at home (Kalakand recipe without condensed milk)

Let's start with kalakand recipe ingredients. 1 liter milk 1/4-1/2 cup- curd 1/2 cup- jaggery elaichi /cardamom 1/4 cup- almond flour (optional)

Let's begin making kalakand recipe without condensed milk or khoya. It's an easy sweet recipe that takes about 1 hour of cooking time. No worries. let;s get started with kalakand recipe ingredients. By the way what do you call this sweet - kalakand or milk cake? 

I have taken 1 liter of cow's milk here. Any type of brand of milk will work. Add cardamom powder for flavor. This one has 4% fat. Let the milk come to a boil on high flame. Then reduce the heat to low and let is simmer. Stir in between and scrap the sides so that milk does not burn at the bottom. What are we doing at this stage?

We are trying to cook the milk until it reduces to half. That will be our condensed milk. Once the milk thickens, it's time to add curd or lime juice as a curdling agent. I have used 1/2 cup of curd here. Or you may use juice of 2 lemons to curdle the condensed milk for kalakand.

Curdling of condensed milk takes some time, so add your curdling agent gradually - little by little and continue to stir. Once it curdles, the milk will release water, separating paneer from it. Now it's time to add our sweetener. I have made indian milk cake or kalakand with jaggery because I do not buy white sugar, which is ONLY EMPTY Calories. Jaggery is rich in minerals and is unrefined and least processed than sugar. It's surely a healthier alternative to refined white sugar. 

You will see the paneer drowning in a lot of water at this stage. Worry not. Continue to cook. I have even added a few dried rose petals here. But it's optional. I recently bought a big packet of organic edible rose petals so I feel like adding flavor to my Diwali sweet recipes. 

Turn the flame to medium and continue to cook and stir in between until it all turns into a mass and the water dries up. It's a time taking process. But it's worth your time to make kalakand recipe with milk and jaggery at home. 

Now pour the kalakand into a greased dish. Cover and press it under weight just like you press paneer. Keep it in a warm place covered for 6-8 hours.  The warmth will give your homemade kalakand an even browner tint. 

Now it's time to enjoy the homemade milk cake with jaggery. Be careful while cutting into pieces. Kalakand is v fragile and tends to crumble. But if you carefully cut it into pieces. It will stay intact.

I hope you enjoy making kalakand at home with milk and jaggery, Let's make healthy choices, friends. Quit refined sugar and switch to healthier sweeteners. I have a few sweet recipes for Diwali with dates on the channel. Please check them out too. 

Kindly give me a thumbs up if you liked the video of kalakand making at home. It's easy but time consuming. Enjoy homemade milk cake and distribute it to your loved ones. Do not forget to share the word about Ravneet Bhalla's healthy recipes with family and friends. Your encouragement means a lot to me. One like and comment can boost my morale.

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What is the difference between milk cake and kalakand? 

milk cake has a brownish tint while kalakand is white

 What is milk cake made from? 


Is kalakand made of milk? 


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