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How To Keep Joints Healthy as You Age Beyond 25 [Dadi's recipe to IMPROVE joint Health Naturally]

The elderly in Punjab have been enjoying a combination of til and gur for stronger bones and joints, which often start paining after you reach 40 years of age. Gond /acacia gum/babool gum/gum arabic- research shows that this resin from tree acacia is rich in calcium and findings of this study demonstrated that GA consumption in a dose of 30 g /day was effective in weight reduction and helping with adipose tissue dysfunction in type 2 diabetic patients. Furthermore, ingestion of gond can help reduce LDL and increase HDL in diabetic patients. further, it is reported to reduce blood pressure in lab studies , besides lowering caloric intake due to high detary fiber. 

 best foods for healthy bones and joints 

  • sesame seeds
  •  fenugreek seeds 
  • oats 
  • dairy products
  • nuts

who does not want to stay active and kicking all their life?

but you have seen your elderly suffer from joint problems, knee pain, fractures and poor bone health. and you, too, are on track to meeting this sad fate, especially if you are a woman. 

An inactive lifestyle, poor dietary choices, and menopause-caused hormonal imbalances are a recipe for health disaster. 

if you are a 25+ year woman, then it's time to focus more on your health so you can age gracefully without the risk of poor bone and joint health. our elders knew the secrets natural ingredients hold for health. one such ingredient that supports good bones is til or sesame seeds. the elderly in Punjab have a habit of enjoying a powerful combination of til and gur to support their bones and joints. on the eve of lohri, when the chill is still in the air, we prepare til papdi to remind us of the benefits for our health and wellbeing. 

Til Gur Papri Ingredients 

1 cup-sesame seeds/til (240 ml) 

1/2 cup- gur/jaggery 

1/4 cup- peanuts 

1/2 cup- almonds 

2 tbsp- gond/edible gum 

1 tbsp-ghee 

3 tbsp- water 

fennel seed powder, elaichi powder 

How to make til papdi recipe for strong bones and knees

dry roast sesame seeds. sesame seeds are tiny pearls that are excellent sources of calcium and magnesium, which are crucial to bone, joints, and muscles. keep aside.

now dry roast peanuts. you may peel the skin if you want. i usually keep the peanut skin on as it is rich in fiber.

now comes another star of the til papdi recipe - gond or acacia gum or gum arabica. in Punjab, these pearls are primarily used in making gond laddu for strong joints. new mothers are given lactating laddus or pinnis made with a plethora of ingredients, including gond or edible gum. it is good for blood pressure, blood sugar, and metabolism. 

add 1 tbsp of ghee to roast gond, which puffs when it comes in contact with fat. this unlocks its benefits. 

let's roast almonds too.

it's time to make our jaggery syrup, which packs a powerful punch of minerals. refined sugar is only empty calories. so why not add a healthier sweetener that gives us some nutritional benefits too?

add water and cook until it thickens. add fennel seeds for flavor grind nuts to powder along with the elaichi powder. when the syrup bubbles and thickens, turn off the flame and mix the powder. 

 immediately give shapes and your healthy indian sweet for good joints and knees is ready.

Til papdi, just like sonn papdi is a show stopper. it is neither as crunchy as til patti nor as soft as burfi. til gur papdi is a mix of both - you will love it to bits. how did you find this easy healthy Indian sweet recipe with jaggery? 

do post in comments to encourage Ravneet Bhalla to come up with more healthy recipes.stay tuned. stay blessed until we meet next. did you know sesame seeds, whether hulled or unhulled, are packed with nutrients and boost bone and joint health? focus on woman health first! 

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