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What is Bajra Rava (Suji) Can You Make it At Home?

Is bajra pearl millet? Yes, it is! You cna make bajra suji at home easily. The one you make at home is way healthier than store-bought stuff. How? Well, homemade is sprouted bajra rawa. What more do you want?

Can Bajra cause constipation?
Let's first explore the health benefits of bajra before getting to this question.
Pearl millet is a nutritionally superior food, which is rich in micronutrients. The most common miconutrients in bajra include iron and zinc.
It is a good source of energy, since it is rich in carbohydrates and crude fibers. Bajra contains resistant starch, which means it is slowly absorbed by the body and does not cause blood sugar spikes.
It has both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers, dietary fiber, ash, proteins, antioxidants, and fat .

It has better fat digestibility. Pearl millet is a rich source of vitamins, including thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and minerals. Bajra has a good amount of iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese. 
If that is not enough, pearl millet has a better amino acid profile than rice and maize. It is easier to digest.  

Which millet has Omega 3?

Bajra or pearl millet is an excellent source of minerals and b vitamins. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Bajra has a higher load of omega-3 fatty acids, including linolen, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.

Is bajra good for heart health?

Bajra is a rich source of fibre, which makes it highly beneficial for those with cholesterol because of its cholesterol-lowering properties. Since the grain is light on the stomach, it can be the go-to grain for those dealing with stomach ulcers and acidity.21-Dec-2022

Enjoy health and happiness together when you choose to germinate millets at home.
Millets are a superfood - the glorious hero of today!
Yes, this is the international year of millets 2022-2023.
So millets are relevant in this age and time, thanks to their immense health benefits.

But all good things come with a warning. So do millets!
Millets come loaded with phytates, just like other whole grains, legumes, lentils, nuts, and seeds. 
Even whole wheat has phytic acid.
I remember my dad and mom taking up the project of buying wheat grains in bulk and then soaking them overnight before spreading them on a cloth for days to dry up.
The dried whole grain was then taken to the mill for milling into whole wheat flour.
Back in those days, we would eat healthy stuff because it was homemade!

Now let's harp on the purpose of soaking grains.
Grains come with a phytic coating, which is a natural cover of anti-nutrients on plant seeds and flowers. Since whole grains, millets, nuts, seeds , and legumes are plants' seeds and fruits, they develop a cover around them to protect them from predators and enemies.
 These anti-nutrients make it tough to absorb nutrients from food.
if you eat foods with phytates, you are at a risk of nutritional deficiency even if you eat all healthy stuff.

There's a right and wrong way to eat food, friends!!

Who should avoid bajra?

Despite its nutrition overload, bajra contains high amounts of phytic, nitrates, and oxalates. This can cause digestion issues along with other side effects. Bajra may not be a great food option for people wth kidney stones, malabsorption syndrome, thyroid, and high blood pressure.

Bajra khichdi recipe using bajra rava/suji

How to sprout bajra and make sprouted bajra suji

So let's come back to the bajra rava making process.
Soak bajra overnight (or for 12-16 hours) after rinsing.
Drain on a colander and discard soaking water.
This water has phytates, and you don't want to end up drinking or using it.
I always water my plants with it.
next, remove on a colander and cover with a cloth.
bajra sprouts quickly and you can see the germination in progress the next day.
if you want, you may continue the germination process for 2-3 days. I have posted a detailed video on bajra sproting already. Please check that to see how to sprout pearl millet at home.

Then keep sprouted bajra for drying .
Once it has dried fully, it's time to pulse it into coarse grits. 
Congratulations, your homemade bajra rava suji is ready.
Make khichdi with it or add it to pancakes or tikkis/cutlets.
Enjoy gluten-free meals and snacks.

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