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Amaranth Cutlets: Healthy Snack for Preschoolers

You have heard about amaranth flour roti and paranthas that are typically made during fasts and Navratras.I remember having grown up relishing amaranth or ramdana ladoos during fasting days.  I hae tried out amaranth paranthas and ladoos. My cough ladoos with amaranth tasted yummy. Today, I bring to you amaranth cutlets that are yummy, healthy, and loaded with nutrients. This healthy snack for preschoolers is a must try for one and all. amaranth cutlets Ingredients for healthy cutlets with amaranth Recipe 1 cup= 175 ml 1 cup- amaranth flour (rajgira) 2 tbsp- oats powder or little more for binding the dough 1/2 cup- boiled potatoes hung curd-2 tbsp or 1 tbsp more while binding 1/2 tsp-oil 1 tsp- jeera (cumin seeds) 1/2 tsp- ajwain (carom seeds) Turmeric powder, salt,pinch  of sugar (optional) Other Amaranth Recipes amaranth cookies  amaranth digestives amaranth roti/parantha for navratra fast How to make amaranth cutlets

Instant Muesli Mix: Quick Healthy Breakfast or Snack for Preschoolers, Adults

Health on your mind? It's on my mind always! What better way to think of health than kick-starting your day with a healthy menu?  Well, this instant muesli mix is just one healthy breakfast recipe that you would like to try out soon. With just a few ingredients easily available in every home, this instant muesli mix is what you should be trying out next. instant muesli mix - a healthy snack for preschoolers If kids do not love home food, then you are up for some challenging time.  Unfortunately, in many houses, home-cooked meals are a thing of the past, with processed foods becoming a major source of empty calories. Gradually, this results in nutritional deficits in the body, resulting in high levels of childhood obesity. Not only this, it leads to lifestyle-related scourges, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. By cutting down outside food, junk food, and processed food from your everyday meals, you can ensure a healthy life for your family. Whi

Healthy Meals Cookbook: A Unique Collection of Low Fat Recipes, Food for Kids, Healthy Snack Ideas

As promised, we have launched our first healthy recipes cookbook, with recipes contributed by members from Healthy Recipes by Homemakers, a Facebook food group. Perhaps you are looking for healthy snacks ideas. Or healthy recipes for diabetes or weight watchers? You may be looking for healthy meal ideas even or for that matter healthy dinner recipes. Of course, there is a diabetic loved one or a friend you want to host and looking for food for diabetics options. Whether you are looking for healthy dinner ideas, diabetic food, low fat recipes, recipes for kids, healthy meal idea planning, low carb recipes, healthy lunch recipes, or quick healthy meals  this healthy food recipes cookbook has you covered. Available for zero cost download is our Healthy Recipes cookbook (veg only) - with recipe contributions from over 25 home chefs living in different parts of India. Our motto is to spread healthy ideas and bring those homemakers from the kitchen to the forefront of healthy co

Multi-Grain Veg Kebab: A Diabetes-Friendly Recipe

veg kebab Health is wealth, they say. It is the only thing I am focusing on these days. I tried to make something different today, combining healthiest of ingredients. The result does not disappoint - whether you call it muthiya or veg kebab, it is up to you. diabetes friendly snack recipe healthy snack for diabetics what is diabetes Looking for a diabetes-friendly recipe? This is it! Wondering how to curb those hunger pangs as a diabetic? Then this diabetes-friendly snack recipe will come in handy. One thing is sure - you'll love the outcome Diabetes diet needs to be monitored closely. If you are watching your intake and want to keep blood sugar levels in control, make sure you munch healthy grains and nuts every 2 hours. Smaller meals at regular intervals is a way to keep your blood glucose levels under check.  This is one diabetes friendly recipe that you want to try for choti choti bhookh! Ingredients of diab

Healthy Crackers Recipe: Oatmeal Savory Sticks With Red Lentils

oatmeal healthy recipe with red lentils Besan crackers doesn't sound too strange, but oatmeal crackers with red lentils may give you some weird feelings, isn't it? Well, there isn't anything like weird in this healthy cookie recipe, because if you love baked goodies but are a health freak, you ought to look for healthy ingredients. This recipe is just perfect for your weight loss goals. How? Well, it is a unique blend of fiber-rich oatmeal that creates a feeling of fullness and satiates your hunger cravings. This means you do not end up eating more. Yay! Secondly, it uses red lentils or masur dal, which adds a distinct flavor to the healthy cracker recipe, eliminating the boring factor. Wow! What a combination - I must say! If you are wondering h ow to make oatmeal delicious , you have got to try this delicious snack once! Let's come back to the oatmeal crackers recipe. Why Dal? It's time again to try a new snack. For people fighting aller

Steamed Methi Chops for Dieters, Weight Loss Enthusiasts, Diabetics: How To Make Oatmeal Delicious

healthy snack oats methi chop How to cook oatmeal for breakfast? If you are looking for a diabetic friendly recipe, then this is it. If you want a weight loss recipe, then this one can be tried. If you are on a diet and wish to indulge in a healthy snack, why do not you try this steamed methi chop recipe? This is one simple recipe that gives you methi oatmeal chops, which are tasty, healthy, and filling. I have made it a point to include oats in my diet and make sure oat meal finds its way into a majority of my recipes. Today, I decided to experiment with another healthy snack recipe, using oats. Let's see what I have brought to you from my healthy kitchen. If you are wondering how to cook oatmeal for breakfast or for snacks, this recipe is a must try! oats benefits how to make oatmeal delicious With the winter season around, this is the best time to enjoy copious growth of methi. Let's go ahead and savor this herb in different forms to maximize h

Kuttu Crackers (Savory Buckwheat Crackers)

buckwheat crackers All of us love snacks. But some of us are always on the lookout for healthy snacks. I have come up with a healthy snacking recipe for you all, using kuttu atta (or vrat atta). Kuttu/Buckwheat snacks 3/4 cup- kuttu atta/vrat ka atta (Buckwheat flour) 1/4 cup- besan (gram flour/roasted chickpea flour) 1/2 tbsp- oats (optional) 2 tbsp- olive oil (or any vegetable oil) 4-5 tbsp- cold water 1/2 tsp-sesame seeds 1 tsp- flax seed powder (roasted) red chilly powder salt as per taste 1/4 tsp- kasoori methi (powdered with hand)/ dried fenugreek leaves 1 tsp- cumin seeds 2 pinches- carom seeds (ajwain) 1/4 tsp- baking soda Procedure Preheat oven at 180 degrees for 6 mins. Sieve kuttu atta, besan, and baking soda. Add powdered oats. Add all the spices and herbs (you may choose any herbs you want). Add salt. Now add, olive oil. Rub the flour with your hands. It's time to add chilled water to make a dough. Do not knead. Just gather the